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Apply now for the 2016 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship

Apply now for the 2016 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship

USA – The transition from academics into the working world can be daunting. That’s why for the last 17 years, ETC has offered the LDI Student Sponsorship, which gives undergraduate seniors and graduate students an all expenses paid trip to the LDI trade show. ETC selects five students from North America and at least one international student to participate in the programme.

This year’s show will be held 21st to 23rd October, in Las Vegas, where students could get a jumpstart on networking and job hunting, and stay up to date on the latest technology trends. By taking a few short minutes to fill out the application at by Wednesday 1st June – applicants could get their key to a brighter future.

Students, are you nervous about graduating and no longer having a faculty advisor to help guide you? ETC’s LDI Student Sponsorship gives you the chance to get that support. Each Sponsorship recipient is paired with a well known person in the lighting or stage technology field, who provides encouragement, guidance and advice for at least a year after the LDI show.

“The mentoring programme for me has been a great way to connect with one of the coolest people I now know and get to hear about a side of the industry I’m not familiar with,” explains Angelina Vyushkova, a 2013 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship recipient. “We get to chat about my latest lighting projects and bounce ideas back and forth.”

Are you looking to connect with other people in the industry and launch your career? ETC provides many opportunities for Sponsorship recipients to meet and share ideas with professionals, peers and prospective employers. That includes a special dinner reception for the students, where you can network with industry influencers and benefit from their experience. “I will never forget the incredible people that I met at the student dinner. The idea that industry professionals like those would care enough about their industry to give back their time and money to help me grow is a truly wonderful thing,” says 2014 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship recipient Ben J. Golden.

Would you like to supplement your studies? The full conference pass awarded by the Sponsorship gets you access to LDI training sessions. “Being able to attend LDI sessions opens up an entire new world to designers, especially in terms of the products and new technology that will be driving the designs of tomorrow,” says Darren E. Levin, a 2008 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship recipient.

Do you want a great way to experience the newest products? LDI is the largest tradeshow of its kind in North America, with dozens of the top brands demoing their products. The LDI Student Sponsorship gives you a backstage look at ETC’s newest gear, as well as access to all of the show’s exhibitors. Greg Goff, a 2008 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship recipient says: “It was a great opportunity to meet and talk to the people who create the tools we use on a daily basis. Some short conversations led me to know how we as artists can use these tools to craft a particular moment in a scene or throughout an entire show.”

You won’t want to miss your chance to give your résumé a boost. Sponsorship alumni have gone on to accomplish amazing things, using the experience they gained at LDI as a launch pad for their careers. “ETC is never shy about promoting young designers, and the events they arranged proved to be very valuable for me to gain exposure in the lighting world. It is apparent that ETC takes great pride in giving next generation of lighting professionals a healthy start. So, whether you’re a designer, programmer, or technician, I would recommend applying for this great opportunity,” concludes Nick Diaz, a 2013 ETC LDI Student Sponsorship recipient.

For more information on the ETC LDI Student Sponsorship and to apply, visit

In picture: 2015 recipients of the ETC LDI Student Sponsorship Keenan Molner, Lee Pei-Hsuan, Kolby Clarke, Tiana Alderson, Markus Fadum, Megan Winter and Lynsey Manley.

29th March 2016

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