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Bandit And Orchestrate Experience Light Youth Evangelism Conference

Bandit And Orchestrate Experience Light Youth Evangelism Conference
Bandit And Orchestrate Experience Light Youth Evangelism Conference

USA – More than 8,000 high school and middle school students gathered to worship and hear the Gospel message at the Youth Evangelism Conference. Working with Orchestrate Experience, Bandit Lites provided the lighting package for the event (directed by Kent Shingleton), where featured guests included Ed Newton, The Skit Guys and YEC Worship Band.

While being mindful of budget, the in the round space of the Nashville Municipal Auditorium and the need for sharp lighting against video, Orchestrate production director Alex Fleming and lighting designer Trey Meares opted for fixtures that would provide the most impact on a smaller rig. The result was an engaging look that not only filled the space, but drew in the audience both from the top of the auditorium to those around the stage.

“Obviously in the round you are worried about creating an exciting and enveloping experience for every seat,” explained Meares. “When your budget is constrained, it is hard to get a large fixture count on the show – so you have to be creative in how you use fixtures and which fixtures you select.

The centre of the rig featured a central viewing point of a triangle shaped 16x9 screen design. Placed above and below the rig were circle box trusses each with VL 3000s, GRNLite moving washes and two lights, providing both the beam and high impact colour washes. “The two circles themselves served as an excellent backdrop for speakers and the band,” said Meares. “The VL’s were great for enhancing effects, and they complimented the atmosphere very well.”

Coemar Infinity XL wash fixtures and VL 3000 Spot fixtures were hung on four sections of straight truss that surrounded the 40’x40’ square stage, providing both the brightness for a sharp key light and saturating stage wash looks, while upon the stage Meares utilised VL 3000 Spots, GRNLite Washes and edges marked with pixel tape to round out the design.

“Thankfully our friends at Bandit have a great fixture complement in shop and were able to put out some affordable fixtures with excellent brightness,” said Meares. “The extra brightness allowed us to create wider stage washes at higher brightness than some of the more common alternatives. It also allowed us to create bold breakup looks, and high impact effects. Because the fixtures were bright and versatile we were able to create a huge variety of looks and fulfil many different fixture rolls with a small instrument count.”

Meares praised his experience with Bandit as “amazing,” adding that the care shown during every step in the process, from fixture selection with Client Representative Shawn Lear to the project management arranged by Don Lockridge was impeccable.

“Whether it was finalising the rigging plot, or a last minute fixture swap, Bandit took care of all the details and were prompt and thorough throughout the planning process,” he said.

“On site Sarah Eucker, Tyler Veneziano and Chas Albea were exceptionally prepared and exceedingly accommodating,” Meares added. “They met challenges with split second solutions and interacted with audio and video vendors with consummate professionalism. Overall the Bandit process is industry leading and we look forward to working with Bandit in the future.”

Bandit Client Representative Shawn Lear shared Meares enthusiasm towards future endeavours and added: “The planning and execution of YEC on the behalf of Orchestrates Trey Meares and Alex Fleming were impeccable. The detailed information they provided leading up to the event enable all vendors, building staff and crew to come together quickly on day one putting forth their vision and setting the venue for a wonderful experience.”

17th March 2016

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