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Bandit Lites Remembers Sam Beall at Knoxville Museum of Art Event

Bandit Lites Remembers Sam Beall at Knoxville Museum of Art Event
Bandit Lites Remembers Sam Beall at Knoxville Museum of Art Event

USA – The Knoxville Museum of Art held its primary annual fundraising event, L’Amour du Vin on 5th March. The elegant wine auction and dinner serves as the number one contribution for the museum, and has been hailed as the state’s finest food and wine event.

“Bandit Lites has been involved with L’Amour du Vin since its inception 13 years ago,” said Bandit’s director of philanthropy Allison Burchett. “This year was unlike any other. The tragic, untimely death of Blackberry Farm’s Sam Beall was evident in the hearts and minds of every guest. Rather than cancelling the event, just one week later, Sam’s staff did exactly what he would have wanted: Celebrated his life, by celebrating food, wine, and art and how Sam inspired us all in his 39 years.”

Bandit donated the lighting package for the opulent evening, bringing illumination to the night sky theme. GRNLite LED pars washed the tent with soothing interstellar shades, brightened the façade of the building’s exterior, provided truss toners with truss socks within the tent, in addition to lighting the columns of the Great Hall, lobby walls and the sponsored Lexus vehicles.

“Carla Paré, KMA’s manager of major events and special projects, wanted the large aluminium beams in the structure of the tent to disappear, so Bandit came up with the idea of hanging Spandex sails in a pattern to cover and breakup the tent top, as well as to provide a nice clean surface to put breakup patterns and colors on,” said Knoxville general manager Giff Swart.

VL 2500 Spots and ETC LED Lekos with star and galaxy gobos scattered patterns across top of the tent along the sails, while Chauvet Freedom Par Quad-4 lit the walls of the tent. Bandit’s team for the evening consisted of Chuck Hastings and Shaun Beaulieu.

“Bandit was honoured to be part of the tribute; white sails were a background for the blue skies and white clouds on lovely spring day at Blackberry, and the clear beautiful night sky is something that can only be seen from somewhere as pure and tranquil as Blackberry Farm,” added Burchett. “Rest in Peace, friend. It has been an honour to work together to bring some of the biggest names in music to your stage. Our lives will never be the same without you, but our lives will always be better because of you,” your Bandit family.

24th March 2016

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