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DPA Microphones Takes the Stage for the First Time at USITT 2016

DPA Microphones Takes the Stage for the First Time at USITT 2016
DPA Microphones Takes the Stage for the First Time at USITT 2016

USA DPA Microphones will be debuting its line of d:screet miniature microphones at this year’s United States Institute for Theatre Technology convention (USITT) on booth 1501. On display at the company’s booth will be the d:screet 4061, d:screet slim microphone and d:screet necklace microphone.

“We are excited to debut our line of d:screet miniature microphones at this year’s USITT convention,” says James Capparelle, marketing manager, USA, for DPA Microphones. “Miking talent in a fast-paced theatre production can be an extremely delicate process. At DPA, we offer easy-to-use and easy-to-conceal high quality condenser microphones, providing sound designers on Broadway and productions alike the best tools possible to get the job done.”

DPA’s d:screet 4061 miniature microphones are well-known and are used in theatres around the world. In situations where the talent requires flexibility of movement or when mics need to be cleverly concealed, the d:screet 4061 mics are incredibly popular. The d:screet 4061s offer clear, transparent and natural sound with very low noise and extremely high sensitivity. These mics are capable of handling up to 154dB peak before clipping and have a linear response, low distortion and large dynamic range.

Developed in response to a growing need, particularly from the film and theatre industries, for a near-invisible body-worn microphone, the d:screet slim features the company’s omnidirectional capsule (either the d:screet4060 with high sensitivity or the d:screet4061 with standard sensitivity) in a flat head, a slender cable and an exciting new button-hole mount accessory. The new button-hole mount provides a 90-degree sound input angle, allowing the cable to lay flat against a surface rather than sticking out. It is also designed to fit into spaces as small as two millimetres and, when used with available accessories, can become virtually invisible.

The d:screet necklace microphone is tailor-made for the quick costume changes and transitional movements of live theatre. It can be mounted and removed quickly without the need of a sound expert and is especially useful for instances when on-and-off mounting and consistent audio output are primary concerns. Featuring DPA’s legendary d:screet 4061 omnidirectional miniature capsule in a soft rubber necklace, the d:screet necklace mic is available in black, white and brown and in lengths of either 18.3- or 20.9-inches.

10th March 2016

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