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Front-Loading Arbor, Arbor Trap and SuperArbor at USITT 2016

USA – Grid Well Inc. has announced that designs for its patented Front-Loading Arbor, patent pending revolutionary safety device the Arbor Trap and the SuperArbor, have been licensed to six stage equipment companies.

Thern Stage Equipment maker of the Front-Loading Arbor (Brickhouse) has been joined by BellaTEX (Tennessee), Blackwell (Virginia) and Peter Albrecht Company (Wisconsin) in the manufacture, distribution and installation of GWI innovative technologies. The fifth American licensee and the one Canadian licensee will be made public later this year. With new players on the field, the Front-Loading Arbor, Arbor Trap and SuperArbor are ready to radically alter the safety and ergonomic profile of counterweight rigging.

"2016 represents the beginning of a shift in the marketplace for stage rigging,” states Rick Boychuk, president of Grid Well Inc.

“The Front-Loading Arbor conceived and designed for ergonomic loading and off loading while also accommodating safety rails is challenging the conventional rod arbor.”

“We are focused on user safety and runaway mitigation. The Arbor Trap is the first technology to literally trap an out of balance arbor and therefore mitigate the occurrence of runaways. It is in a category of its own. It can be attached to conventional arbors or is available integrated with the SuperArbor," Boychuk elaborates.

At USITT, the Front Loading Arbor, Arbor Trap and SuperArbor will be shown at:

BellaTEX Stage Curtains Booth #1110, Thern Stage Equipment Booth #1911 and Blackwell in the AKT3 Booth #339.

9th March 2016

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