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KLOTZ StraightLink Facelift

KLOTZ StraightLink Facelift

KLOTZ StraightLink series of floor stage boxes are among the most successful best-sellers in the company's entire product portfolio. Is there any room for improving perennial favourites like StraightLink? Of course there is! KLOTZ is currently redesigning its entire multicore programme, starting with the StraightLink Return Boxes. After a minor facelift with the discreet addition of the new KLOTZ logo, the boxes now conform even better to the company's CI. They are also virtually invisible on stage, a major advantage in visually sensitive environments such as trade shows and corporate events.

The housing is now slightly wider to allow space for horizontal and vertical labelling and for individual labelling tape up to 19mm wide.

The four loops at top and bottom protect the connectors and enable the stage box to be attached or suspended from rigs using normal steel safety lanyards, e.g. attached to trusses for use as a DMX box or behind an active line array as NF or AES/EBU signal distributor.

The slim, compact and space-saving design has been retained with its high-quality and rugged feel despite the weight-saving aluminium construction.

The internal cabling is digital-ready, designed for characteristic impedance of 110 Ohms. The stage box can handle both analogue and digital signals.

The new StraightLink Return Boxes are now available for 8, 12 and 16 channels with RMP connector (25 pin, 37pin and 54pin, female) in line with the F/M multicore philosophy.

During the year further products (AES/EBU cables, analogue multicore cables, pigtail adapters, further stage box models, etc.) will be added to the range. The StraightLink product family – a high-quality, coordinated and ultra-professional system designed to make life on the road that little bit easier.

21st March 2016

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