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LDR Support Unique Vietnam Architectural Project

LDR Support Unique Vietnam Architectural Project

Known for its unique combination of natural wonders, temples and tasteful food, Vietnam is moving forward in the promotion of its heritage and culture – and with its unique architecture the Quang Ninh Museum and Library, in the city of Quang Ninh in Halong Bay, is considered one of the best museums in south east Asia capable of re-routing tourists from other major Asian destinations.

Designed by Spanish architect Salvador Perez Arroyo, the museum occupies an area of 24,000m² and consists of three blocks connected together by an overhead bridge system. The buildings include 14,000 square metres of glass – which makes it appear as a giant mirror, as it reflects the image of the world natural heritage site of Halong Bay.

The main entrance hall reflects the generous dimensions of the complex and is designed with style, offering a sense of unlimited space within the wall structure. The leading Vietnamese lighting company ITCSTAR was called upon to design a lighting solution for the illumination of the entrance area and organise the installation.

“It was quite a challenging job because we had to incorporate the lights into the existing building architecture,” says Ms Quach Yen of ITCSTAR, “so we called for international support to study the case and Mr Fabiano Besio of LDR of Italy, who has proven international experience in this field. He joined our team and provided valuable support for our success in analysing the project.”

For the unique combination of unbeatable light quality and consistent performance over its lifetime of up to 12000 hrs, 150W CDM lamps were chosen amongst other light sources. “The 150W CDM is an affordable A+ energy saving solution which offers no compromise in quality,” says Fabiano Besio. “Its unique combination of unbeatable light quality and consistent performance makes this lamp perfect for museum and retail applications.”

To evenly and precisely distribute the light a Fresnel luminaire was chosen and to match the museum architecture the choice fell on the eye-catching compact design of LDR’s Soffio Fresnel. White was chosen instead of the regular black casing and four-leaf barn-doors were used to shape the beam.

The result was a masterpiece of lighting design which will be seen by the thousands of visitors who visit the Quang Ninh Museum daily.

In picture: LDR's Fabiano Besio with Ms Quach Yen.

LDR Support Unique Vietnam Architectural ProjectLDR Support Unique Vietnam Architectural Project

29th March 2016

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