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Medio Angular Mexico Invests in Robe

Medio Angular Mexico Invests in Robe

Mexico – The Mexican market is growing for Robe thanks to the energy and efforts of its exclusive distributor, Vari Internacional based in Mexico City.

One of their new customers is Medio Angular, a rental company based in the Las Aguilas area of DF (Mexico City), run by Juan Pablo Guzman ('Paul'), which has recently bought Pointes and LEDWash 300s.

Medio Angular’s office looks like an ordinary roller shutter garage door on a quiet residential street which is full of leafy trees and cool cars. The other side of the door is a large landscaped garden with terraces and full of lush foliage, alcoves for sitting and contemplating amidst colourful flowers and funky furniture, with a recording studio and several offices flowing with contemporary chic.

This is the pastoral and inspirational working environment that Paul has created for the offices that administrate his two companies, rental and staging operation Media Angular, and brand / live communication and design agency Terminal Creative.

The two ventures share a log of synergies and work complementarily on some projects, and completely separately on others. Overall there’s about 25 full time employees at the moment. Medio Angular has a big warehouse around 15km away that houses all its lighting, sound and video equipment, and includes a full scenery production workshop.

The core business is corporate events and brand activations, but they also still supply many parties and social events and through these a lot of music based productions, which is also where Paul’s own roots lie – he started his professional industry career as a DJ when a teenager. Music, performance and production has been an important part of his life ever since.

Earlier this year, Paul decided to invest in Robe Pointes and LEDWash 300s for Medio Angular’s rental stock.

They are the first moving lights that the company has purchased. It started with audio, then video, and then the time arrived to increase its lighting stock.

He chose to go with Robe as he wanted to establish a ‘partnership’ set-up with a leading and well recognised moving light brand, similar to the relationship he enjoys with d&b on the audio side.

“It was really important to have a premium brand when it came to moving lights,” explained Paul, adding that he had also seen Robe movers in action on some of the other events for which they were providing audio and video and was impressed. Then Vari came up with a really good deal, and so he made the commitment.

“We have a great relationship with Vari and they are also helping us out with technical support and training,” he added, saying that Medio Angular is currently in the process of ensuring that their regular lighting designers are trained up on using the new Robe fixtures so they can maximise their full potential.

He’s delighted with all the results so far, and says they are already looking at making another Robe investment towards the end of the year.

He likes the small size and the versatility of the Pointe – the fact that is a four-in-one beam, spot, wash and also an effects fixture, which has also made it Robe’s biggest selling product in Mexico to date.

The Pointes in particular are extremely in-demand as a cross-rental product.

Medio Angular frequently cross rents with Matatena Productions, another high quality corporate event rental specialist based at the new Santa Fe conference and expo centre, and between the two companies, have access to over 40 Pointes.

Other lighting rental companies with whom they regularly collaborate include Uatel and LED Project.

The LEDWash 300 is perfect for many of Medio Angular’s events, the small size means it can be fitted in almost anywhere onstage or in a room or set, they are extremely expedient on power and it is a good complementary fixture to the Pointes.

Paul reckons that already with just 12 Robe fixtures on-board, it has dramatically increased their scope for being able to light an event with imagination and style.

Having the creative edge and producing the very best shows with high standards of excellence underlines the philosophy of everyone involved in this partnership: Media Angular and Terminal Creative on one hand, and Vari Internacional and Robe on the other.

In picture: Allan Fernandez of Vari Internacional with Medio Angular’s Juan Pablo Guzman (Paul) and Vari’s Alberto Garcia.

18th March 2016

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