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Robe’s PATT-sketball Champion is Lisa Green from Perry Scenic Creative

Robe’s PATT-sketball Champion is Lisa Green from Perry Scenic Creative
Robe’s PATT-sketball Champion is Lisa Green from Perry Scenic Creative

UK – Robe kept the innovation flowing at the 2016 TPi Awards dinner – providing much more than just the lighting rig for the high profile industry event staged at Battersea Evolution – with a popular ‘PATT-sketball’ competition, their own variation on the urban sport phenomenon which was open to the 1300+ guests rocking up for the evening.

As everyone took their seats for dinner, they noticed special packages on the tables which turned out to be ‘exploding’ cubes promoting Robe’s amazing new Square 5x5 LED pixel matrix fixture.

After opening the packages, each guest could add their name and contact details to the pop-up cube and attempt to throw it into a strategically positioned PATT-sketball hoop which was made from the yoke of a Robe PATT 2013 fixture and rigged from the roof of the venue.

The winning cube was selected randomly towards the end of the evening from the 200 or so cubes that had made it successfully – and unaided – through the hoop, with Lisa, a drapes and soft goods manager from the set and scenic design and build aficionados announced as the winner.

Lisa is the lucky recipient of one of Robe’s brand new and highly cute picklePATT fixtures, which was delivered to her a few days after the show, complete with a classic wooden tripod that is a perfect aesthetically matched perch for the elegant retro-styled luminaire.

Lisa is delighted with the win and the prize, and although she admits to not excelling at basketball in school, some hidden talents certainly shone through that night!

Things became quite competitive as Lisa and colleagues from Production Park (Perry Scenic’s base in Wakefield) were attempting to aim their cubes into the hoop. “It was great fun and one of the highlights of an absolutely brilliant evening and possibly the best TPi awards ever!” she declared, adding that the icing on the cake was winning the PATT-sketball competition, which has made a few people pretty envious and coveting the trophy!

Lisa’s not exactly sure what she will do with her picklePATT, but initially it will live alongside her in the office and enjoy a very nice life that is positively chilled compared to some of its comrades following the standard working route of being bounced around in and out of trucks, and up and down from venue roofs around the world. However, she might also have to fight a bit to keep it!

A queue of people have already emerged with the picklePATT in their sights including Production Park’s MD Lee Brooks who hinted that Lisa might donate it to their reception area! “I’m sure it will look fantastic and be happy whenever it ends up in our workspace,” she concludes.

8th March 2016

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