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Rogues Dance on Stage at South African Fundraiser

Rogues Dance on Stage at South African Fundraiser
Rogues Dance on Stage at South African Fundraiser

South Africa – It’s only fitting that a truly unique educational charity go beyond the typical raffle when fundraising for its worthy cause. Such was the case with Bollywood Dhamaka at Gandhi Hall, which raised money for a fund that furthers the education of economically disadvantaged children in the city of Lenasia by providing them with scholarships to the city’s prestigious Royal Achievers Private School. The event not only served a good cause, it also enthralled its audience with a beguiling dance performance, accented by an equally intricate light show created with fixtures from Chauvet Professional that were imported by Audiosure.

Lighting designer Shaniel Laloo of Sounds Ideal in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, used 18 Rogue moving fixtures to add depth and texture to the dance stage with lush colour washes and multiple gobo patterns. The dancers who performed under his artful light show were not brave volunteers drawn from the ranks of the students’ parents, but well-known professional performers, including Miss India South Africa 2014, Shivani Govendor, a dynamic dancer who mesmerised audiences with her work on Isidingo, one of South Africa’s most popular and longest running TV programmes.
Also performing at the event were Oriental Fire and Demi Motion dance groups, as well as Ghungroo Dance Academy and Tribhangi Dance Academy, which has toured extensively in Germany, India, Sri Lanka, the UK, Malaysia and Canada.

“The evening’s performance covered a wide array of dance genres, so we wanted a rig that would give us a lot of different looks,” said Laloo. “We also wanted something that would create a very engaging visual background for the different dances so the audience would get more caught up in the visual spectacle on stage.”

To further this goal, Laloo flew his rig on an X-shaped truss configuration. “My design incorporated a combination of two ten-metre overhead box trusses joined to resemble an X,” he said. “This arrangement allowed me to cover the entire stage that the dancers moved through. It also made it easy to overlay lighting effects so I could give the stage a greater sense of depth.”

Laloo’s rig featured six Rogue R2 Washes, six Rogue R2 Spots and six Rogue R1 Beams. All but two of the R2 washes were flown on the truss structure. That pair of R2 fixtures was positioned on the stage apron and used for aerial washing and audience lighting. By crossing the light from his other moving fixtures on stage, the LD was able to build a multi-dimensional look for dancers to move through.

With its two gobo wheels, and morphing between each wheel, the Rogue R2 Spot allowed Laloo to weave intricate patterns for the dancers to move through, which in essence made lighting part of the choreography. The Rogue R2 Wash, with its impressive 12°-49° zoom range, gave the LD the flexibility to change stage coverage to support different dances.

Laloo needed to draw on just about all of the performance features of the Rogues in his rig to cover the variety of moves shown on stage during Bollywood Dhamaka. The word Tribhangi, the name of one of the performing groups at the event, means “three bends in a body.” Indeed, there were that many bends and more on stage – the LD’s X shaped rig was able to keep up with each one of them.

Rogues Dance on Stage at South African FundraiserRogues Dance on Stage at South African Fundraiser

3rd March 2016

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