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satis&fy Stock Elation Platinum FLX Hybrid Moving Head and EMOTION Digital Light

satis&fy Stock Elation Platinum FLX Hybrid Moving Head and EMOTION Digital Light

Germany – One of the top full-service production companies in the event industry, satis&fy, an international provider of cutting-edge event and media technology based in Karben, Germany, has added over 100 Elation Platinum FLX hybrid moving heads to its inventory, along with a number of EMOTION moving head digital lights.

“Because we have a wide variety of clients and a wide range of shows to do, we are always looking for flexibility of product,” stated Martin Heuser, global director lighting and rigging services at satis&fy. “The Platinum FLX fits our needs perfectly. It’s not a product we chose for just one special effect but a fixture we can use on a large variety of shows for beam looks, washes, gobo projections, mid-air profile looks and certainly a lot more. It’s a ‘real’ hybrid compared to other hybrids.”

satis&fy, which operates ten branch offices worldwide, provides entertainment technology to more than 3,000 events, trades hows, and exhibitions annually. “The rentability of the Platinum FLX is very high,” Heuser says. “It’s multifunctional so we can use it on car shows, corporate shows, EDM events and a lot of other events. We can do more shows with the same fixture while reducing the number of lights in the rig, which makes the client happy. It’s more quality for the client, more value for money.”

Marc Librecht, sales and marketing manager for Elation Europe, added: “We are extremely pleased that a company of the calibre of satis&fy has chosen to add the Platinum FLX to its inventory. It’s a real validation of the quality of this fixture and as some of the first FLX units in Europe, the purchase will make a big impact in the market. We are certain that other companies will follow.” satis&fy’s new Platinum FLX fixtures will see some of its first action on an upcoming tour with a German artist as well as a large corporate event.

The Platinum FLX is an award-winning beam/spot/wash luminaire that has been recognised as innovative technology for its patent-pending dual optical system which gives advantages over traditional hybrid systems. “It has very good mechanics,” Heuser adds. “The optical system is sharp and of a very high quality. It’s also a good balance between quality and price. We’re always looking for that best combination and we found it with the FLX.”

Satis&fy’s investment also includes Elation’s EMOTION moving head digital light, an award-winning product that has opened up digital lighting to a whole new audience. The EMOTION is a plug and play DMX moving light that houses an on-board media server with royalty-free digital art and videos that can be manipulated from a DMX lighting console. Utilising only 32 DMX channels, users can easily operate and integrate fixtures with their lighting system. Custom content can be remotely uploaded into the unit as well.

“Digital lights of the past were rather large and complicated but the EMOTION is bright, small and more affordable,” Heuser stated. “Corporate clients often want their logo projected and now it will be much easier to do. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. With EMOTION, there are so many possibilities, many more creative options.”

In picture: Elation’s Marc Librecht with satis&fy’s Martin Heuser.

3rd March 2016

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