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SGM presents a brand new range of IP65-rated lighting fixtures for Permanent Outdoor Installations (POI)

SGM presents a brand new range of IP65-rated lighting fixtures for Permanent Outdoor Installations (POI)

SGM has announced the launch of the POI range of IP65-rated LED lighting fixtures. Designed for permanent outdoor installations in both entertainment and architectural applications, the POI fixtures feature extremely bright and powerful colours and a resilient housing to protect them in outdoor environments.

The new permanent outdoor installation products from SGM are based on the familiar standard fixtures with the same optical performance and electrical components, but optimised for permanent outdoor installations. Engineered to endure even the most extreme weather conditions, the POIs take on rainy days, icy winters, dusty winds, extreme heat and salty sprays of seawater – eliminating the need to shield off the fixtures to protect them from the elements.

All POI fixtures come standard with a five-year warranty. A patented dehumidification processor prevents condensation, which in turn prevents corrosion and ultimately prolongs the lifespan of the electronic components. This technology makes SGM the only true manufacturer of permanent outdoor LED installation products.

With the A-4 RM ArtNet to DMX converter, the POI fixtures become remotely accessible, allowing them to be programmed from a remote location, upload it and schedule it on site. If connected to the internet, it works as a remote monitoring device to notify the service provider of any problems within the fixtures.

Customisation is part of the POI philosophy. The POI fixtures are available in white and black, as well as an array of custom RAL colours to accommodate the requirements and high aesthetic standards of architects and designers.

All fixtures in the POI range are:

  • Corrosion protected and saltwater resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Include a patented dehumidification processor
  • Supplied with a five-year warranty
  • IP65-rating

Peter Johansen, SGM CEO said: “If you work with outdoor applications, you know that so far no other manufacturers have been able to produce truly outdoor-compatible products. Those days are over! At SGM we have developed a range of reliable permanent outdoor installation products to give lighting designers and architects the possibility of incorporating entertainment lighting into architecture.”

Just in time for Light + Building in Frankfurt, starting this weekend, these POI products will be released:

  • G-Spot POI
  • G-Profile POI
  • G-Wash POI (although not on display at Light + Building)
  • G-1 Beam POI
  • P-2 Wash POI
  • i-2 POI (seven variants)
  • P-5 POI (three variants)
  • i-5 POI (six variants)
  • Q-2 POI (two variants)
  • Q-7 POI (two variants)

Apart from the new POIs, standard versions of these fixtures will also be released at Light + Building:

  • G-Wash (not on display)
  • i-2 (seven variants)
  • i-5 (six variants)

Most of the new SGM POI-products will be displayed at Light + Building in Frankfurt, March 13th – 18th, at the SGM stand #J71, Hall 4.1 and will be available for ordering immediately. Expected shipping release is May, 2016. Item numbers will be available in the specifications section of the individual product pages next week.

10th March 2016

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