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Stand out Dance Studios – it’s more than all floors and mirrors

Stand out Dance Studios – it’s more than all floors and mirrors

Away from thousands of dancers and the intense sounds of a variety of dance music emanating from various floors and stages at MOVE-IT, an attentive audience assembled in the Seminar Theatre to learn how to ‘Make a Dance Studio Stand Out.’ Presented by Harlequin Floors, Mark Rasmussen and supported by One Dance UK’s Helen Laws it was to be a busy session.

Mark explained that there was a great deal of ground to cover in the relatively short time scheduled, but cover it he did. From floors to barres, mirrors to heating and ventilation, music systems and a wealth of details that are important considerations in creating a studio that is great for dancers to enjoy and perform safely. Part of a programme of ‘MOVE IT Pro seminars, moving to the audience questions it became evident that at least some were from overseas and that many wanted to know more. In particular once they had created a great studio how should they market the facilities.

It was fortuitous that Mark as Harlequin’s group marketing manager was the ideal presenter to give the audience some tips on digital marketing too, providing useful advice on reaching out to local dance communities.

31st March 2016

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