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The Last Leg

The Last Leg

UK - Whilst many of the London Olympics and Paralympics 2012 athletes still revel in their achievements, off the track one of the biggest successes of the time was The Last Leg; a spin-off show covering the days' sporting events. Now, four years later and almost time for the next Olympics in Rio, the show is still going strong. Naturally it has progressed over the years, moving from coverage of the Olympics to more topical events and things that have been happening over the past seven days.

Now Adam Hill and co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are back for a seventh series and with a brand new lighting supplier – Richard Martin Lighting (RML). In this series there is a fresh new set which meant it was the perfect time to create an entirely new look. RML has provided LD Chris Kempton with a rig including Sharpys, VL1000TS, Alpha Spot 700 HPE, Mac Auras, Sunstrips and 2 Lites.

Adam describes the show as: “Three guys with four legs talking about the week,” based upon the fact that both he and Alex both have limbs missing. There is an edgy risk taking humour to the show, constantly pushing the boundaries to break down social stigmas of people with disabilities in a way maybe only they can do.

The Last Leg is filmed in front of a studio audience at The London Studios and is broadcast live on Channel 4.

23rd March 2016

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