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2B Heard holds Firenze demo days at Backstage Centre

2B Heard holds Firenze demo days at Backstage Centre

UK – Following on from their successful seminar day in February, 2B Heard, K-array’s UK distributor, held an exclusive Firenze (KH8) demonstration and training event at the Backstage Centre in Purfleet, Essex, to highlight the system’s unique benefits.

“It was important for us to provide technical information about K-array’s revolutionary Firenze Series and how its on-board Armonia DSP system coupled with AFMG’s FIRmaker gives the system the ability to accurately steer the loudspeaker’s sound beam,” says 2B Heard’s Dave Wooster. “There was an opportunity for engineers to listen to the system on the Leona Lewis tour, but we knew we needed to give them the chance to really get hands on with it.”

The day comprised a technical presentation to introduce the Firenze range, an overview of Ease Focus 3, Armonia and the KH8 along with training, plus system rig and de-rig training and critical listening tests.

“We used the same set up as we had for Leona’s tour,” says Dave. “We flew two frames containing six panels of KH8 per side with three KS8 subs on the ground running in a cardioid formation, using the Infra Sub pre-set. The Backstage Centre is a great space for running a system of this size and we were able to fly the system to a trim height of 4.4m to the bottom of the array. KH7s were placed on top of the subs and aligned to cover the first 10m of the room, crossing over into the KH8.”

Dave aimed the top KH8 at the fly floor balcony to roughly demonstrate the coverage up, as well as down. The system was fully controlled and equalised using the Armonia DSP system, using a digital AES feed to the speakers with an analogue redundant backup feed.

“We were able to demonstrate the whole process from initial room drawing through to final upload of pre-set into the system, and how this can still be changed in real-time with no loss of audio to the system,” Dave continues. “This is invaluable if an issue were to arise with the system during a show. For example, if we were to lose a panel, it’s possible to isolate it via the mains distribution, Ease can be used to re calculate the array coverage without the box in the system, the new set of filters can be uploaded in real-time and the show goes on! The entire process takes about three minutes.

“We also demonstrated how quick the whole process of flying one side of the system is, both up and down, with the option of cabling the system from above or below making no difference to the process. We explained all the components of the flying system, even the unique way the subs use the same fly bar and transition directly from the KS8 too the KH8, so flying the subs takes the same time as flying the frames. That really is total integration.”

“I spent the afternoon listening to the latest system from K-array and was very impressed both by its sound quality and the possible speed of installing the system on a touring basis,” says full service company Sonalyst’s Rory Madden. “I think this system is one to be watched, and I would recommend to anyone that it’s ‘2 be heard’.”

28th April 2016

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