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Aurora heads to Belfast’s Historic Titanic Quarter with LD Gurdip Mahal

Aurora heads to Belfast’s Historic Titanic Quarter with LD Gurdip Mahal

UK – Filmed at Belfast’s vast T13 Urban Sports Park and Event Space, Can’t Touch This is brand new, fast-paced entertainment from the BBC. Hosted by Zoe Ball and Ashley Banjo, the show pits contestants against each other as they navigate their way through a huge assault course in the hope of ‘touching’ the ultimate prize.

Working with LD Gurdip Mahal and gaffer James Tinsley, Aurora shipped an extensive equipment package to the historic former shipyard to ensure the team had exactly what they needed to spotlight all the action.

With over 60 Spacelights plus a variety of tungsten heads being hung to provide fill throughout the former warehouse, the venue had an almost film set feel however, the LD soon added plenty of automated fixtures to get things moving.

Seventy-two GLP X4 fixtures provided the main wash to the set with Martin Viper Performance, Rush PARs and SGM P5s used to highlight the venue’s architectural detail. High End Show Guns and Vari*Lite VL3000 Wash were also added, their high power abilities helping to fill the large space with colour.

On stage, set designer Julian Healey used a selection of Chromastrips and Leader Light LEDs to enhance the look, with 6-Lamp bars creating the grid around the car, which is the show’s main prize.

Elsewhere 42 x 5kW heads were integrated as key lighting, with 15/30 Source Four and 87 Source Four Pars being used both for fill and as eye candy around the edges of the arena.

Created and produced by Northern Ireland based independent Stellify Media for the BBC, Aurora delivered four expertly loaded artics of equipment to the show, making it among the largest projects the company has undertaken to date.

13th April 2016

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