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Dance4 at 25 bringing world class dance facilities to Nottingham

Dance4 at 25 bringing world class dance facilities to Nottingham

UK – Recently, Nottingham-based Dance4 celebrated a successful 25 years this year
in a new home set to provide a fully accessible international centre for dance and
choreography right in the heart of the city. Harlequin Floors played an important role in
equipping the new dance studios with Harlequin Activity floor completed with a black vinyl Standfast floor surface in Studio 1, Activity also in Studio 3, but here with a grey Standfast
dance surface and for Studio 2, a Harlequin WoodSpring floor with maple surface.

Rachel Emmett, head of finance and operations at Dance4 said: “We chose Harlequin
because they are the industry standard for top quality, professional dance floors. We wanted to
have the best supplier to fulfil our ambition to create a world-class facility for choreography and
dance.” Dance4 is an independent charity and dance development agency working with
international artists who are working within 21st century choreographic practice. With 25 years
experience of supporting the development of contemporary dance and choreography Dance4
believes dance is for everyone and runs an acclaimed Centre for Advanced Training in dance.

On the 31st March 2016 Dance4 held a very special Charity Celebration Benefit Gala at the
wonderful location of the Council House Ballroom, in the heart of Nottingham. The great and
the good from the city joined friends from further afield to celebrate Dance4's 25th year and
helped raise funds for Dance4's international Centre for Choreography due to open this
summer. The Gala featured a fabulous three-course meal accompanied by glorious
entertainment all hilariously hosted by Pete Shenton from New Art Club.

Natifah White – Dance4’s Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) in Dance graduate – performed
the solo that earned her a place at The Place. Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers, Tyrone
Singleton and Céline Gittens, performed a mesmeric duet from Swan Lake and cheeky
Spiltmilk Dance performed vignettes throughout the evening, culminating in a social dance for
everyone to join in.

There were plenty of ways to fund raise throughout the evening including a ‘Silent Auction’, a
‘High-speed Hilarious Heads and Tails’ with a twist and a ‘Build a Heavenly Harlequin Dance
Floor’ special raffle. Guest were given the opportunity to buy samples of Harlequin Dance floor
to literally build a dance floor for the new international Centre for Choreography. Guests wrote
their name on the back of their samples and handed them to students from Dance4's CAT to
lay out onto the floor to create a colourful dance floor in the centre of the resplendent Council
House Ballroom. Once the samples were pieced together to create the dance floor, the fun
really began, as a piece at a time was upturned to reveal the winners. The samples made a
real contribution to Dance4's Campaign25 and helped raise vital funds for the new centre.
It was a wonderful opportunity for people to feel they were contributing in a very real way by
helping Dance4 to establish an exemplar creative facility whilst having great fun and winning
prizes too!

28th April 2016

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