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Martin by Harman to Introduce Bright, Powerful Exterior Projection LED Fixture at Prolight + Sound 2016

Martin by Harman to Introduce Bright, Powerful Exterior Projection LED Fixture at Prolight + Sound 2016

Germany Martin by Harman revealed the outdoor-rated Exterior Projection 500 at Prolight + Sound 2016. A powerful creative fixture for the integration of light textures and graphics in outdoor lighting designs, the Exterior Projection 500 is specifically designed to project crisp images and striking lighting patterns on buildings and structure exteriors such as stadiums, arenas, hotels, theme parks, convention centres and more.

The Exterior Projection 500 offers a high-precision optical design with bright 7,000 lumen output, housed within a fully weatherised, IP66-rated fixture for permanent outdoor installations. The fixture’s flat field, high-contrast image projection is based on a high-power LED engine with eight interchangeable colours, six gobo slots for projecting graphic images and a gobo animation system for creating animated lighting effects.

“An outdoor gobo projector is a tool that perfectly complements more traditional wash lighting and really opens opportunities for artistic freedom and creativity,” said Robert Svensson, product manager, large venues, Harman Professional Solutions. “The Exterior Projection 500 is an excellent, more flexible option compared to large LED displays and requires less cost and maintenance than venue projectors.”

Offering four layers of dynamic effects (colours, gobos, animation, prisms/frost) and rotating prisms for creating abstract pattern projections, the Exterior Projection 500 is an excellent creative tool for a wide range of unique exterior projection applications. It’s also available with a choice of four beam angle options, including 11°, 20°, 36° and 46°.

“With super-crisp image projection, excellent depth of field and amazing high intensity, the Exterior Projection 500 gives lighting professionals the ability to customize the exterior of large structures both at short and long distances,” said Svensson. “The unit is intuitive to use, easy to configure and can be programmed through its own OLED display, or with RDM and DMX controllers.”

6th April 2016

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