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Movecat extends range for the monitoring of kinetic loads

Movecat has extended the range of options it offers for the measuring of loads in kinetic systems. Its new LCS load-measuring shackles are available for both 3.25t and 4.75t loads in both DX and RF versions. The DX models offer both analogue and digital outputs, whilst the RF devices are capable of outputting their data in digital format either via a cable or via radio. The wireless version uses the ISM band at 2.4GHz and is therefore suitable for radio operation anywhere in the world.

The LoCo load-measuring shackles are equipped with a daylight-capable eight-character display featuring RGB backlighting. With the integrated storage battery, it can be operated for up to 30 days. If the integrated Sleep/Wake-On LAN function is used, the batteries can run for over 90 days between charges. The safety factor of the load-measuring shackles, which come with an EU factory certificate, is 5:1.

Movecat is now offering chain-hoist/trolley combinations featuring integrated load measurement. By dispensing with additional components, such as shackles and O-rings, these eliminate unwanted pendulum movement in operation.

The new LME load measuring units for chain-hoist/trolley combinations are available for both manual and motorised trolley systems with no loss of installation height in either case. Movecat quotes a safety factor of 5:1 for the units. The load measuring units, which meet the requirements of IGVW SQ P2, score further points with their maintenance-free design and integrated function/test system.

5th April 2016

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