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Movecat presents the VMW-S 125-3-30 MK II Entertainment Winch

"Lighter, quieter, faster" ran the requirements specification handed the Movecat developers working on the new version of the VMW-S 125-3-30 Entertainment Winch. The result speaks for itself: The new winch is 20kg lighter than its predecessor, weighing a mere 203kg, capable of lifting 125kg at a speed of three metres per second with acceleration of up to +/- 3m/sec², and boasts a maintenance-free, silent double brake with contact-free monitoring and an emergency release function. Not only is the winch now quieter, but it complies with the BGV C1 and DGUV V17 standards for manned airframes. The winch also satisfies the requirements of DIN 56950-1, EN 61508 and SIL 3.

All this is made possible by – among other things – a non-welded aluminium frame construction in the popular 52cm truss format, the full load handling capabilities of which are retained even when the device is used as a bearing structure. As an option, a variety of truss connector solutions are directly adaptable. The maintenance-free basic structure features a matt black finish. The operating and emergency limit switches are easily adjustable from the outside.

5th April 2016

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