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Powersoft's Deva Orchestra Takes Over Famous Florence Piazza

Italy – One of the most remarkable ‘free concerts’ ever staged took place recently at Florence’s Piazza della Signoria, an L-shaped square in front of the historic Palazzo Vecchio.

The idea was conjured up by Powersoft, who sensed that by taking over this famous square with an impromptu ‘orchestra’, all ‘playing’ their Deva sensor-equipped multifunctional device that enables audio messaging and video capturing, they would be staging something unique. The event coincided with the company’s pre-Frankfurt distributor meeting.

The idea was to showcase and interact with the Powersoft multimedia division flagship, known as Deva. Deva represents the first ever conceived all-in-one and computerised multimedia platform, featuring solar power, bi-directional wireless A/V communication, lighting, paging, Class D amplification (and much more), in a compact IP65 enclosure.

Limited only by the imagination, this hi-tech advanced platform is revolutionising the way machines communicate with peers and people. Aside from its broadcast messaging, entertainment and surveillance capabilities, a tailor-made ‘FOC’ software manager (DSM) allows Deva to integrate multiple communication solutions into an elegant and teardrop-shaped form factor that is often depicted as a ‘human-droid’.

According to Francesco Fanicchi, Powersoft’s head of brand and communications: “Deva is such a revolutionary product that we wanted to do something unusual to showcase its uniqueness.”

Consequently, after receiving permission from the city Mayor, some 20 representatives of the company strapped on their Deva devices to form a simulated ensemble, following the commands of Letizia Dei, conductor of the Light Gospel Choir.

The open air concert kicked off with Rossini’s William Tell Overture, followed by the aptly named That’s Entertainment from Arthur Schwartz. The public were then immersed in pure dolce vita with Dean Martin’s That’s Amore before the Deva proudly played Il Canto degli Italiani, the Italian National Anthem.

“Every Deva was assigned a different instrument, and all were perfectly in sync,” continued Fanicchi. The orchestra leader then helped to transfer the sound over WiFi using the native Deva software from a laptop to each Deva, playing to the many people who had gathered to watch the event.

In conclusion, Luca Lastrucci, CEO and founder of Powersoft, said, “Powersoft represents a ‘Made in Italy’ company and we are proud to have demonstrated this great technology in our home city. Florence is well renowned as the birth place of many scientific and cultural personalities; thus, the presence of an event like this is entirely justified in the capital of Tuscany.”

22nd April 2016

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