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Ready for the European football championship with RTS Intercom systems

Ready for the European football championship with RTS Intercom systems

Romania – The Romanian independent production company Studio Video Art has equipped its newest flagship outside broadcasting (OB) truck with RTS intercom systems. An ADAM intercom matrix, KP modular keypanels and a BTR wireless intercom system will secure communications for broadcasts such as the next European football championship.

Studio Video Art is one of the first and biggest broadcast service providers in Romania. The Bucharest broadcast expert specialises in sport productions and has acted as host broadcaster for the qualifiers of the European football Championship 2016, the Romanian football league and the Romanian Football Cup and Super Cup finals.

“We strive to combine the best available technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and professional service,” comments Bogdan Alexe, chief operating officer of Studio Video Art. Therefore, nothing but the best was good enough for the company’s new 20-camera flagship OB7HD. Together with Romanian system integrators Magic Fox Media and Blitz Technology, the team from Studio Video Art devised a communication system built upon RTS equipment. The heart of communications in the expandable rolling control room is an RTS ADAM intercom matrix with 64 ports. The ADAM matrix is connected to KP-12 modular series keypanels. Additionally, an RTS BTR 800 wireless intercom system secures communication within and beyond the high-end vehicle.

Relying on RTS meant numerous advantages for Studio Video Art. “RTS systems are reliable, highly flexible and deliver first class performance,” comments Bogdan Alexe. A big advantage, according to Alexe, are the upgrade options for both the digital ADAM matrix and the keypanels, which make the system a future-proof investment. With the OMI (OMNEO matrix interface) and OKI (OMNEO keypanel interface) cards, Studio Video Art can easily upgrade existing intercoms to OMNEO networking technology. OMNEO is based on two key technologies – the media transmission component Dante from Audinate Pty, Australia and the system-control component OCA (open control architecture). By utilising open public standards, OMNEO provides highest interoperability, flexibility, reliability, resilience and future-proof technology. OMNEO enables a secure setup at a competitively low system cost due to the use of standard IT components, simplified installation and lower maintenance costs.

“The initial feedback on the OB7HD has been fantastic – not least because of the quality equipment installed,” confirms Alexe. “We are now looking forward to productions across Eastern Europe, during the European football championship as well as for qualification games for the 2018 World Cup.”

Ready for the European football championship with RTS Intercom systemsReady for the European football championship with RTS Intercom systems

25th April 2016

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