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The Mediocre Man

The Mediocre Man

Belgium – Tom Dupont wrote The Mediocre Man for Tutti Fratelli: a surprising piece based on a man who excels in his mediocrity. He is never happy, never unhappy, never opts for one thing or the other, life just happens to him! The grey, almost transparent decor was made of ClearScreen Frost strips by ShowTex.

The matt, semi-transparent ClearScreen Frost turned into a multifunctional backdrop. Time and again, new and powerful scenic images were created by alternating between front and rear projection and lighting in front of or behind the curtain while the actors were moving between the strips of PVC foil.

The scene used for The Mediocre Man proves that a simple but creative se-tup can lead to the most unique and surprising visual effects. Dupont and Reinhilde Decleir were in charge of the production. The large cast took on songs and compositions by Florejan Verschueren.

22nd April 2016

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