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Triple E celebrates ModTruss launch in Europe success

Triple E celebrates ModTruss launch in Europe success

Europe Track systems specialist Triple E is celebrating its successful launch of ModTruss in Europe at Prolight + Sound, Frankfurt.

The Triple E team constructed an incredible stand at the Messe Frankfurt for the event, showcasing the versatility of the ModTruss product line, which lends itself to endless configurations using standard accessories, ensuring ideas that once took extensive custom design and fabrication are constructed easily and fast.

Triple E launched the US-designed ModTruss in the UK in June 2015, immediately winning 'Engineering Product of the Year' at the ABTT Theatre Show in London.

"This year's Prolight + Sound marked a milestone in the history – and future – of Triple E as we undertook the biggest launch for our company yet – ModTruss, Europe-wide," says Triple E's managing director, David Edelstein. "We've put in a lot of hard work to bring this product to the European market and are extremely excited about what it can achieve for the industry. ModTruss is now available in Europe exclusively from Triple E and interest is incredible. There is nothing else like it on the market.

"During the show we attracted very positive interest from major worldwide theatre consultants, theatre supply companies, events companies, theatre architects, TV companies and many more. We're extremely excited about the possibilities of ModTruss – it really is rare to be able to offer a product of such simplicity-yet-genius that has the power to truly change the way our industry approaches set building, event structures and any application that tubular truss is currently used for."

Best described as 'full size Meccano', the ModTruss system features a lightweight aluminium construction and a repeating hole pattern, meaning applications are practically unlimited.

ModTruss components can be reused, re-purposed, and re-configured and in the process reduce waste – allowing designers, production managers and producers real cost savings coupled with enormous flexibility for creative design.

A unique feature of ModTruss is its ability to form laminated beams; bolting ModTruss sections one on top of the other increases its already high load carrying capacity by a factor of eight and enables it to create long spans between supports.

ModTruss is also available in steel for additional strength and greater spanning capabilities.

Recently, ModTruss provided a strong and versatile solution to fly a powerfully bright 18kW Arrimax HMI head in an arc over the stage for the world premiere of Morgen und Abend at London's Royal Opera House. The opera moves to Deutsche Oper Berlin this month, again using ModTruss as a robust and versatile solution.

22nd April 2016

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