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Wohler Technologies joins Ravenna partner community

Wohler Technologies joins Ravenna partner community

USA – Wohler Technologies of Hayward, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area has joined the rapidly growing ranks of the Ravenna Partnership community. With over three decades experience in in-rack audio monitoring technology, the company is now one of the leading lights in signal monitoring and correction solutions in multiple form factors for broadcast, motion picture and production facilities.

NAB sees the unveiling of Wohler’s first Ravenna/AES67-enabled products, the iAM-AUDIO monitoring device which offers AES67 decoding, metering and monitoring in a compact 1U package and a new AES67-enabled module for their flagship AMP2-16V audio monitoring and management platform.

According to Craig Newbury, Wohler VP sales and marketing: “As customers continue to migrate over to IP, the requirement to support technologies such as Ravenna/AES67 in monitoring solutions, like our new iAM-AUDIO unit, is increasingly useful, particularly while our customers are bridging from more traditional signal formats. With the introduction of AES67, the ease of working with and distributing audio data highlights the importance of ensuring signal quality is still maintained. Using our tools, customers know that they are able to provide highest quality monitoring, metering and decoding of their signals, whatever those signals may be.”

Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager of ALC NetworX, welcomes Wohler to the Ravenna partner community. “AoIP is fast becoming an inevitability in the broadcast/production world, and the AES67 interoperability standard is gaining more and more traction as an efficient gateway to AoIP networks. Ravenna is not only natively compatible with AES67, but in fact offers a whole lot more, and is particularly suited to demanding applications. It therefore makes complete sense that companies like Wohler who provide solutions to customers who can only work with the very highest quality audio signals would want to offer Ravenna/AES67 connectivity as part of their comprehensive range of connectivity options. We are delighted to welcome Wohler on board.”

14th April 2016

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