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ETC returns to PLASA Focus Leeds

ETC returns to PLASA Focus Leeds

UK – Following a successful Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, ETC is heading to Leeds for the annual PLASA Focus event, taking place at the Royal Armouries, 10th - 11th May. The company will present a selection of its newest innovations and most popular products on stand N-C06.

The latest additions to the budget-friendly ColorSource family will be making their UK debut at the show. The just-launched ColorSource consoles deliver hands-on control for modern, small-scale venues. Each console offers plug-and-play setup, an integrated touchscreen, and the ability to run effects, mix LED colours, control moving lights and play back cues. The consoles are available in two sizes, 20 and 40, with optional audiovisual capability. ETC’s popular ColorSource Spot and PAR fixtures are newly available in deep blue versions. These affordable fixtures use an array that offers richer, more saturated blues and strong magentas in exchange for the more jewel-toned blues available in the original ColorSource fixtures. Alongside these will be the ColorSource Relay, which can wirelessly switch power and transmit DMX and RDM to hard-to-reach places, and ColorSource ThruPower − a great solution for transitioning lighting systems between tungsten and LED.

Also on ETC's stand will be the Irideon FPZ, a compact LED framing projector based on the Source Four Mini LED platform. It’s 33% brighter than the Source Four Mini LED, puts out over 800 field lumens, and offers superior optics in a sleek housing. The dimmable fixture has locking three-plane shutters, and allows control using either DMX or a local dimming knob located on Eutrac three-circuit track adapter. It has built-in 25- to 50-degree zoom optics, a rotating barrel, an E-size gobo and pattern slot, and an integrated media holder for gels and diffusers. Its wealth of features makes Irideon FPZ the perfect choice for museums, entrance halls, and retail environments. 

Another highlight will be the popular Source Four LED system. These fixtures offer the crisp optics, user-friendly functionality, and convenient size and shape of the original Source Four family, along with the capable user-interface and high efficiency of ETC's Selador Desire line of LED luminaires. With the brightest output and the boldest rendering of the most-used colours, three different arrays and a wide variety of attachments, the system provides a level of LED lighting that can be used anywhere.

Completing the line-up for 2016 is a preview of the latest version of the award-winning Eos software. Geared toward the needs of programmers working in broadcast, music and live events, v2.4 will be shown together with the upcoming Eos motorised fader wings, which function as modular add-ons to Eos consoles or systems, allowing users to build the perfect control desk for any live show.

3rd May 2016

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