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PixelFLEX helps transform a new worship environment for Calvary Chapel

PixelFLEX helps transform a new worship environment for Calvary Chapel
PixelFLEX helps transform a new worship environment for Calvary Chapel

USA – Located in Las Vegas, NV, Calvary Chapel Spring Valley is a growing worship family who is also dedicated to building a strong educational foundation through the Calvary Chapel Christian School on site as well. As the congregation has now outgrown their current facility, they have temporarily relocated to the school’s gymnasium in order to hold their worship services. With a desire to bring LED video into the new facility as well, Calvary Chapel then took this opportunity to incorporate the technology into the gymnasium environment and they did so using FLEXLite 3.99mm LED from PixelFLEX.

“When we began our capital building campaign, we knew we wanted LED video in our new worship facility, but we also needed it to help create a more ideal environment in the gymnasium during our relocation,” began Tony Monto, worship and young adults pastor. “When looking at which LED product to choose we were driven by size and wanting to get the highest quality within our budget, but we also had to be aware of weight since the wall would be temporarily hung in the school gymnasium. Also keeping in mind that we would have to set-up and tear-down the wall each week, we first started looking at LED curtains, but as we started speaking with PixelFLEX they explained how the best solution would be the FLEXLite 3.9mm and they were completely right.”

The FLEXLite is an economical solution to other traditional LED panels providing both indoor and outdoor options which can be installed and dismantled by one person, making them ideal for the house of worship market. With its bright, dense display and high refresh rate, incorporating FLEXLite it into any worship service takes no added effort, and its easy access back panels allow for simple on-site repairs without the hassle of removing the entire back of a tile.

“Each week we start the complete load-in with all the flooring, seating, staging, sound, and lighting elements for a Sunday service on Saturday morning at 6am and wrap around 10am,” continued Monto. “For the FLEXLite LED video wall, my IT guy and I arrive on Sunday at 6am to make sure it's up by 7:30am for morning service rehearsal, but it really only takes us about 45 minutes to get it ready to go. This was a critical component in selecting which LED wall to use and the FLEXLite has worked perfectly.”

Now that the new LED wall was in place, it was time for Monto to begin programming the content which would help transform the gymnasium into the worship environment needed for the pastor to deliver the message to his congregation.

“The FLEXLite LED video wall has now replaced all the projection elements in our worship services,” added Monto. “We are utilising ProPresenter for our lyrics and video, and our pastor uses Keynote to display his sermon notes while speaking to the congregation. In the past, we would have trouble with our projection not being bright or vibrant enough for our content, but we no longer have to worry about that with the FLEXLite.”

Going into the process of selecting an LED video wall, Monto knew it would be a bit of a learning opportunity. They would need a trusted partner to help guide the way, and by working with PixelFLEX, that’s exactly what they received.

“We had no prior training or education on how to install or use LED video walls, but PixelFLEX really took care of us the entire way,” concluded Monto. “By switching to an LED video wall, we now have thousands of hours of longevity in the product life, plus the complete versatility to change the worship environment at any time. This makes the FLEXLite perfect for both what we need now and what we will need when we move into our new facility as well.”

13th May 2016

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