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The redesigned Theatre Projects

Stop by and have a look around. Intuitive and dynamic, the redesigned site is full of information about the company and the theatres it design, showcasing its history, the work in progress and the exciting things to come!

TP has a new logo, referred to as the roundel. It’s a symbol of the company's core design philosophy: bringing people together.

When telling stories by a campfire or watching street performers in a public square, at the very core of human nature is an impulse to gather around and look, laugh, smile, shout, and draw closer to the story.

That immediate, intimate human connection is the essence of dynamic theatre. It’s the reason the audience is pulled together, wrapped around the stage and brought closer to the action and each other. It’s the foundation of TP's design philosophy.

Drawn from nearly 60 years of experience of what makes great performance spaces: intimacy, density, flexibility, and simplicity, those concepts are infused into a new look for the website.

18th May 2016

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