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Three ESTA Standards in Public Review

Three draft standards have been added to the ESTA public review page at People materially affected by the standards are invited to review them and to offer comments, if they chose, before the reviews end on June 27. The three draft standards are:

BSR E1.40, Recommendations for the Planning of Theatrical Dust Effects

ANSI E1.40-2011 is being revised to warn against deflagration--deflagration being the technical term for the wave of flame that burned hundreds of people at a water park in Taiwan last year. Other changes include a regrouping of types of dusts and changing MSDS references to SDS references.

BSR E1.41, Recommendations for the Measurement of Entertainment Luminaires Utilizing Solid State Light Sources

ANSI E1.41-2012 is being revised to specify that the Fidelity Index (Rf) rating, as defined in IES TM-30-15, be used for reporting the production of white light of a reported CCT. The existing ANSI standard requires reporting the CQS score, but CQS has no hold in the lighting market. CRI is a flawed metric, not suitable for narrow-band emitters.

BSR E1.55, Standard for Theatrical Makeup Mirror Lighting

ANSI E1.55-2015 is being revised to add the Fidelity Index (Rf) rating per IES TM-30-15, for the same reasons that Rf is being added to E1.41.

For more information, please contact: Karl G. Ruling, ESTA Technical Standards Manager at

4th May 2016

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