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A.C. Special Projects Provide Media Responsive Lighting Solution for Iconic Digital Advertising Canvas in West London

A.C. Special Projects Provide Media Responsive Lighting Solution for Iconic Digital Advertising Canvas in West London
A.C. Special Projects Provide Media Responsive Lighting Solution for Iconic Digital Advertising Canvas in West London

UK – A.C. Special Projects Ltd. (ACSP) has provided a tailor-made, media responsive, colour-changing solution which introduces a stunning complementary lighting scheme to the rear support structure of Storm Cromination London – the iconic digital canvas in West London and one of Europe’s longest digital advertising billboards.

Consisting of six screens and stretching 72 metres in length, Storm Cromination London is situated at a prime location on Cromwell Road, the main artery running from Heathrow Airport into the capital. Its owner, media giant Clear Channel UK, digitised the original traditional series of billboards in the autumn of 2015 to offer brands unrivalled dynamic, data-driven advertising opportunities at this unmissable site.

In the spring of 2016 Clear Channel UK approached ACSP with a desire to upgrade the site by adding a dynamic lighting scheme that would respond live to the dominant colours of the digital content being broadcast on the vast screens.

Working from Storm Cromination London’s original lighting design – created by consultants, LAPD – the ACSP team implemented the scheme by specifying, supplying, installing, programming and commissioning the solution, and taking care of all related project management aspects.

Applying the highest quality workmanship and technological nous, the ACSP team ensured that the new lighting blended seamlessly into the existing design and created bespoke metal structures to support all the new light fixtures.

To control the system, ACSP installed three amBX Light-Scene engines, which are specifically designed to take intelligent and intuitive lighting to new levels. On Storm Cromination London the system constantly monitors and interprets the digital content being displayed on the main media system, and ensures the lighting colours respond in sync to that content.

For an outdoor structure in such a busy urban setting, reliability was key. Because of this, ACSP elected to use Traxon Technologies luminaires as ACSP senior project manager, Andy Holmes explains: “We used 21 of the Traxon Washer Allegro XB36 RGB (30 deg) because of their excellent build standard and five-year warranty. The luminaires have an astonishing colour range of 16.7 million additive RGB colours and their simple design means we can daisy-chain them together to form long runs. We also made customised barn doors to prevent spill beyond the screen surround for the Washer Allegros used on the front of the platform.”

To graze the supporting structures evenly, ACSP proposed the use of 128 Traxon Liner Allegro XB36 RGB. “The Liner Allegro’s high output, energy efficiency and ultra slim 50x10 deg linear optics feature a suitably narrow beam angle for this purpose,” continues Andy.

Laura Scholes, delivery manager for the Storm portfolio at Clear Channel UK, comments: “Storm is Clear Channel UK’s super-premium digital brand and the recent transformation of our Cromwell Road site into Storm Cromination London looks absolutely incredible. All of the sites in Storm’s portfolio marry the latest technologies with architectural design in order to offer advertisers total ownership of some of the most stunning digital out-of-home sites in the world.”

Scholes continues: “A.C. Special Projects offered a collaborative and design-led approach to our scheme. Full confidence in the recommended light fittings was provided by the team’s extensive product knowledge and experience. The installation was professional and seamless, providing an exceptional, dynamic and unique lighting solution for Storm Cromination London – the ultimate creative canvas.”

ACSP is highly experienced in creating unique lighting and media solutions for high-profile outdoor projects. In April 2015, the company used a string of Traxon Technologies’ Nano Allegro optics to illuminate the main underside and façade of the Ruislip Manor Station Bridge, turning it into a spectacular gateway to the town centre in west London. In addition, earlier this year ACSP provided a state of the art Traxon LED Media Tube solution for the north façade of the prestigious Sea Containers building, prominently located near to London's popular South Bank cultural area overlooking the Thames. 

29th June 2016

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