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ABTT Technical Theatre Special – not one new product, three!

ABTT Technical Theatre Special – not one new product, three!

UK – Harlequin Floors is a brand not only synonymous with trust, but also innovation. At this year’s ABTT Theatre show, Harlequin is showing not one, but three new developments starting with an update of one of its most popular lines.

A new ‘Metallic Range’ featuring gold and silver finishes is all set to join Harlequin’s Hi-Shine range of display floors. Already massively popular with Saturday night television productions, set designers, touring bands and fashion shows, the new metallic floors bring a further dimension to the wet glossy look of Harlequin Hi-Shine. Recently silver Hi-Shine was an important element in the set design for several fashion shows produced by Gloss in Melbourne, Australia.

When an iconic product such as Harlequin’s Reversible roll out floor for stage and dance is the subject of a new launch, you can be sure that it’s something special.

Launching this month and on public exhibition for the first time the ABTT Theatre Show is new addition – Harlequin Reversible Pro.

Known world-wide for its unique double-sided option to allow companies to change colours around, Reversible was Harlequin’s first product and has remained a best seller ever since.

Harlequin Reversible Pro retains the feature of a slip-resistant surface either side, and now thanks to a the introduction of a new fibre interplay layer, Reversible Pro offers even more dimensional stability. In short, floors roll out and quickly lie flat – an absolute boon to busy stage technicians and touring companies.

For set designers and production companies, Reversible Pro’s improved dimensional stability makes it a superb surface for printing.

Yet another new product being previewed at ABTT is Harlequin Rocksure, which promises the hardest wearing yet easy to maintain stage surface so far. Thanks to the polymer composite formulation of the material, Rocksure is an alternative to Harlequin’s more traditional stage surfaces such as wood, a painted 'sacrificial' layer of hardboard or heavy-duty vinyl. Harlequin Rocksure is available as an option on both new stage builds as well as stage refurbishment. 

23rd June 2016

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