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Active Acoustics Highlighted at IAVM’s VenueConnect Show

Active Acoustics Highlighted at IAVM’s VenueConnect Show
Active Acoustics Highlighted at IAVM’s VenueConnect Show

USA – How can performing venues stretch their acoustic potential, to better host a variety of events? Attendees to IAVM’s VenueConnect show in Minneapolis, Minnesota (July 23-26, 2016) can hear first-hand about advancements in active acoustics technology.

Representatives from Wenger and Lexicon will discuss a world-premiere installation at Wartburg College’s Neumann Auditorium in Waverly, Iowa, on 25th July at 11am. This new system has transformed this venue from a dated, problematic facility to a showplace for Wartburg’s renowned music programs.

The new active acoustics system also offers something that traditional acoustic treatments can’t do: the creative flexibility to create music programming that simply wouldn’t be possible with conventional technology.

“You can simulate any acoustic you want. It’s virtually limitless,” said Lee Nelson, Wartburg’s director of choral activities. “You could create a choral/orchestral performance setting, a choral setting for cathedral performances and a setting for a piano concerto, all within the same concert if you wish. And, all settings can be stored and recalled at any time.”

The new active acoustics system has also become a selling point in the battle to attract talented student performers, events and concerts. Prior to the installation, Neumann Auditorium’s less-than-ideal acoustics made it impossible to host concerts by certain artists and bands and were a drag on recruiting efforts.

Assumption College in Worcester, Mass., recently purchased an active acoustics system, which will be installed in 2017.

28th June 2016

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