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Artistic Licence at ABTT Theatre Show 2016

Artistic Licence at ABTT Theatre Show 2016

UK – Artistic Licence, industry experts in lighting control, invite visitors to stand E41 at this year’s ABTT show. Visitors can enjoy a special 20% discount on nanoScope DMX testers, including the newly launched variant, nanoScope tx (a DMX transmitter designed for test, configuration and fault-finding of lighting rigs). Also on display is a demonstration of the impressive capabilities of the versaSplit DMX distribution system.

Lightweight and battery powered with a translucent plastic casing, nanoScope features a built-in 5-pin XLR connector that enables it to be attached directly to the DMX512 cable. The device lights up in different colours to indicate its findings – this provides rapid, intuitive feedback that is hands-free and visible at a distance (handy for awkward positions such as plenum spaces or hanging off a truss).

Two modes of operation exist, selected by a recessed slide switch that also controls power on/off.

In Pixel Mode, nanoScope displays the first three DMX512 channels as an RGB mix, to provide confidence that the expected data is on the cable. This is particularly useful for commissioning DMX installations, as it can be used to track down any parts of the system that are misbehaving.

A flick of the switch selects Analysis Mode, which can be used to check for more subtle problems or to gain detailed informational feedback. nanoScope displays one long blip (green or red to indicate good or bad data respectively), then a train of short coloured blips representing different attributes of the DMX512 signal (it also detects RDM). The device can distinguish between six different types of good/informational signals (cold colours) and five different types of bad/unusual signals (hot colours). A handy legend printed on the side of nanoScope tells the user what each colour means.

Artistic Licence is launching nanoScope tx, a battery powered DMX512 transmitter, designed for test, configuration and fault-finding of lighting rigs.

The only user control is a three-way switch on the rear face of the product. In the centre position, nanoScope tx is switched off and the internal batteries are disconnected. Switching to the left (viewed from the rear of the product) causes the product to cycle through six DMX512 profiles; nanoScope tx lights up in a different sequence of colours to signify each one. Switching the button to the right locks the output to the most recently played DMX512 profile. The chosen profile is remembered when the product is switched off.

The DMX profiles provide different outputs suited to testing various aspects of the lighting rig; for example, comparing multiple lamp dimmer curves and response times, testing RGBW fixtures or checking the patch.

Completing the line-up are examples from the versaSplit (rack mount) and versaSplit mini (desktop or truss mount) product ranges. As a multi-functional modular DMX splitter/gateway, the versaSplit range offers the customer a great deal of choice. The user inter-changeable input modules support DMX/RDM, Ethernet (Art-Net, sACN & KiNET) or CRMX wireless DMX, and offer a handy ‘fix mode’ for the troublesome flickering that can be encountered with some lamps.

The beauty of the product is that all the input modules can be purchased separately, making versaSplit an extremely versatile and future-proof investment. Indeed, versaSplit has already received rave reviews.

Artistic Licence CEO and technical guru, Wayne Howell, will be available throughout the show to answer technical questions and advise on the most appropriate solutions.

Artistic Licence at ABTT Theatre Show 2016Artistic Licence at ABTT Theatre Show 2016

10th June 2016

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