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Aurora enjoys the festival spirit at Glastonbury

Aurora enjoys the festival spirit at Glastonbury

UK – Aurora Lighting Hire once again headed for Worthy Farm in support of lighting director Oli Richards and gaffer Sam Madden as broadcast partners during the BBC’s extensive coverage of Glastonbury 2016.

Covering a number of broadcast areas throughout the festival, the Aurora team were on site taking care of the BBC live studio and link interviews, so flexibility and portability have been high on the lighting list.

In the main studio area LD Oli Richards chose Mole Richardson Mole Fay’s to add some tungsten warmth along with an array of tungsten festoon that helped complete the festival friendly look. For a little more power, colour and versatility Martin Rush PARs were also included in the installation. Aurora also supplied LED ribbon which was been woven into the set design for a bit of extra magic.

To meet the need for portability and ease of use, bi-colour Lite Panels were despatched, the kits proved particularly useful in ad-hoc interview situations where a quick set-up is essential. Meanwhile, for studio guests a mixture of tungsten and daylight Fresnels augmented with 4ft four-bank Kino Flo and Parabeams completed the festival line up.

Behind the desk, console operators Alex Pocock and Paul Evans took care of business running Avolites Pearl Experts to stay in control throughout the weekend. Keeping on top of four consecutive days of broadcast running well into the night, the team were challenged to keep things balanced and maintaining the consistency of the look in a variety of situations, not least of all the British Summer weather!

28th June 2016

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