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Ayrton redefines space with the new AlienPix-RS

Ayrton redefines space with the new AlienPix-RS

Ayrton continually pushes the boundaries to bring lighting designers products that give more scope and inspiration to enhance their work. The next product in the string of Ayrton releases for 2017 is no exception; delivering six extraordinary beams of light and eight continuous rotational axes, meet AlienPix-RS.

Belonging to Ayrton’s new ‘RS’ product line, AlienPix-RS is a unique, conceptual, multi-rotational fixture that combines a multiplicity of effects within a single luminaire. Inspired by fixtures from the 1970s and '80s, AlienPix-RS is a reinterpretation which uses modern technology, optics and LED sources to create revolutionary new volumetric 3D effects.

AlienPix-RS is formed of five spot heads surrounding a central disk, each of which contains a tight, 3.5° RGBW LED emitter. Each emitter has a centre-beam luminous intensity of over 180 candelas per lumen and can be controlled individually. The five surrounding spot heads can each tilt continuously as the main saucer with central emitter pans, tilts and rotates in any direction. Powerful tri-phase stepper motors allow fast, accurate and silent positioning. In total AlienPix-RS can simultaneously perform up to eight multi-directional continuous rotations and deliver a total light output up to 6,000 lumens/1,080,000 cd. Fabulous for crazy configurations of light, colour and movement that redefine the mid-air space!

AlienPix-RS offers several control modes: basic mode provides access to a library of pre-programmed pattern effects, extended mode gives access all functionalities and controls each LED separately. AlienPix-RS benefits from series connectivity and can be driven by DMX-RDM, Art-Net or a wireless DMX-RDM from LumenRadio.


This compact luminaire has a diameter of less than 40cm, but the combinations of movement and colour are out of this world!

28th June 2016

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