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Chroma-Q Inspire LEDs Provide Immersive Show Dining Experience for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY

Chroma-Q Inspire LEDs Provide Immersive Show Dining Experience for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY
Chroma-Q Inspire LEDs Provide Immersive Show Dining Experience for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY

Sweden – Chroma-Q Inspire and Inspire Mini colour-mixing LED houselights are helping to provide an immersive show dining experience during performances of the hugely popular MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY at Tyrol restaurant in Stockholm.

Together with director Roine Söderlundh, executive producer Björn Ulvaeus has created an extraordinary experience for all fans of MAMMA MIA!, the musical that has been seen by 60 million people around the world. Following the massive success of the musical, then the film, MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY treats guests to a Greek party filled with ABBA music, dance and enjoyment authentically set in the midst of the MAMMA MIA! world. The premiere at Tyrol was an historic occasion, as all four ABBA members attended it.

Production designer Bengt Fröderberg has transformed the restaurant, which is located at Gröna Lund amusement park in central Stockholm, into a purpose-built environment featuring Nikos Greek taverna with olive trees, a fountain and scents of the Mediterranean. The venue hosts live performances of the famous musical to up to 450 guests per night.

With the MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY experience taking place within the audience itself, as opposed to being performed on a separate stage in front of them, Tyrol needed a solution to deliver both theatrical effects and regular houselighting above the diners in order to create an immersive experience in keeping with the rest of the show’s production values.

The creative team included award-winning lighting designer, Palle Palmé, who was asked to work on the prestigious show. Palle had utilised the Chroma-Q Inspire colour-mixing LED houselight previously for Sweden’s theatre show restaurant Rondo, commenting: “I’m very fond of their function as a crowd and effect light.”

After a successful demonstration of the fixtures’ capability, the venue purchased 30 medium beam angle Inspire fixtures and ten wide beam angle Inspire Mini units.

“The Inspires provide effects lighting during the evening shows, and white house lighting during the daytime, when staff are working and cleaning,” remarks Palle.

He continues: “We work in real time during the four-hour dinner show and when the guests arrive, they first enter a sunlit room, followed by a two-hour sunset on LED screens, where the Inspire fixtures also shift from sunset to moonlight. In the grand finale part of the show they are used as effects.”

The Inspire LED models can not only mimic a circadian rhythm transition between daylight and sunset to moonlight with their pure tuneable white output, but with their powerful RGBW engine, they can also be used to transform the room with a flood of bold colour and beautiful soft pastels that will fully immerse the audience in the experience. The fixtures utilise a homogenised beam to ensure that all of the light output is fully mixed, with no unsightly colour separation shadows on the set and audience.

Palle concludes: “There was never a question of choosing anything else than the Inspires, as I knew they would work perfectly for what Tyrol needed. They are extremely reliable, easy to use, lightweight, offer fantastic output and are extremely power efficient.”

The Chroma-Q Inspire fixtures were supplied to Tyrol by Chroma-Q dealer, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd.

With an incredibly low power consumption of 120W (Inspire) / 75W (Inspire Mini), the Inspire range is designed to offer a significant return on investment with its high energy efficiency.

By incorporating industry standard DMX-512 control, the fixtures are able to integrate seamlessly with an existing stage lighting infrastructure and can be controlled by any DMX-supported lighting console, to provide seamless lighting from stage to audience.

Other venues investing in the Chroma-Q Inspire house light include the Stavanger Concert Hall's 'Kuppelhallen' performance space in Norway, the historic Pieterskerk venue and ICER innovation centre in Holland, and various Houses of Worship in North America.

photos: Mats Bäcker.

Chroma-Q Inspire LEDs Provide Immersive Show Dining Experience for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY Chroma-Q Inspire LEDs Provide Immersive Show Dining Experience for MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY

8th June 2016

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