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Doughty Engineering provides bespoke solution for Musee La Boverie in Liège

Doughty Engineering provides bespoke solution for Musee La Boverie in Liège

Belgium Doughty Engineering has been brought on board byFEELTEC SPRLU to supply a new lighting hoist and technical grid to the Musee La Boverie as part of the museum’s 30 million Euro refurbishment. The newly renovated museum, designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti, who is known for his work on the MUCEM in Marseille, boasts 3,000 square metres of space with an additional glass box extension which opens out onto the nearby park offering a further 2,000 square metres.

Following a partnership agreement with the Louvre in Paris, Musee la Boverie will lend its space to display parts of the Louvre’s collection and in return, the Louvre will support the city of Liege with the planning of its own exhibitions. With the potential for some of the world’s most famous artists and artworks to go on show at the new museum, FEELTEC SPRLU was contracted to handle the technical lighting refurbishment to ensure that all exhibits would be shown, quite literally, in the best possible light.

FEELTEC SPRLU manager, Benoit Saintelet in turn contacted Luc Haubursin at AED Distribution Belgium, a distributor for Doughty Engineering, to supply both a lighting hoist and technical grid for the venue.

Luc explained: “Having recently undertaken a project at the Theatre 9 in Cergy Pontoise (France), where we installed 15 Doughty lighting hoists, I knew that the same kit would work well in the museum. Working closely with Benoit and the museum to understand exactly what was required for this project, I contacted Dan Phillips at Doughty Engineering who took my exact specifications to design a bespoke technical grid for the venue.”

Dan explained: “One of the challenges of this job was to design a solution that allowed the grid to be installed in a very limited space, close to the roof. Luc at AED supplied us with a series of detailed drawings and with these our design team was able to devise a system which is unique to the museum and takes into account all the space limitations.”

Luc continued: “The team at Doughty were impeccable from start to finish. We’ve worked with companies in the past where the language barrier can cause problems, but the design team at Doughty were able to study our drawings and our instructions to produce an elegant solution which not only looked good and unobtrusive in this wonderful new venue, but that worked exactly as the client demanded. In fact the end user is so pleased with the result that they have already spoken to Benoit at FEELTEC SPRLU about enlisting both the kit and expertise of Doughty for another project in the pipeline. As distributors for Doughty we are delighted to represent a brand that is held in such high esteem by the end user.”

3rd June 2016

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