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DPA Microphones Wins Big at the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Awards

DPA Microphones Wins Big at the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Awards
DPA Microphones Wins Big at the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Awards

USA – DPA Microphones’ d:dicate 2011C twin diaphragm cardioid microphone and d:dicate 4011ES cardioid microphone were paired together to create a custom podium for presenters and award recipients at the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Awards. The solution was selected by both the production team and engineers after a collective A/B shoot-out was conducted against the award show’s previous podium microphone.

Provided as part of a collaborative effort between AAG Live, Republic Production Company and Frequency Coordination Group, the podiums utilised during the ceremony were a custom design. “We stacked the d:dicate 2011C and d:dicate 4011ES capsules on top of each other, feeding the wires through a tube to conceal and construct each podium. This provided a unique sound that was tailored to this event space,” explains Jason Atwell, CEO of AAG Live and Republic Productions. “The podiums and DPA capsules were supplied by my two companies, AAG Live and Republic Productions. First, we manufactured the actual podium and tubing, and then retro-fitted the capsule and used the standard capsule clip to keep it in place. We built the preamps into the base and relied on the right-angle extension of the 4011ES to run to the transmitter.”

The d:dicate 2011C is best used in close-miking situations and is optimised for onstage use because of its blend of clarity, richness and range. The d:dicate 4011ES is ideal for unobtrusive spot miking, such as hanging or table use. This specific model features an integrated cable solution with a side cable entry that allows for precise positions and angles to capture the intended sound.

“By loading the preamp down the cable, it makes the top of the podium even more compact,” adds Brooks Schroeder, owner of Frequency Coordination Group. “It’s a lower profile, so when we put our base cover on, it keeps it as small as possible.”

The main purpose of the microphones was to amplify the presenters voices while they announced the awards and for winners to give their acceptance speeches. “We do a lot of awards shows for a variety of networks and we build these types of custom podiums,” continues Atwell. “Like Telemundo, the broadcasters all used the same capsules for many years. We were excited that Telemundo gave us the opportunity to present a new option and it was a unanimous decision across the mixers that DPA was the right choice. We already supply DPA for a lot of our other projects at churches and convention centres, but now we’re going to start to use them at more awards shows and other larger live events.”

For Schroeder, the DPAs clearly speak for themselves. “For me, the idea behind using DPA for this specific application came from listening to the microphones and hearing just how little self-noise the capsules had compared to the competitor,” he says. “There was less EQ needed and the response was nice and flat. Then, we started talking to the engineers and they were interested as well. It only took five minutes when comparing the mics for them to immediately say ‘DPA,’ and that’s when we started to look at each of the DPA options.”

Atwell is excited to continue using the DPA’s moving forward. “We tried a variety of different microphone combinations, but we liked the twin-diaphragm cardioid with the standard cardioid combination the best. The dual-element in the d:dicate 2011C seems to have just enough width to cover multiple people without it being too wide where it would start taking in the PA and other sound from the room. Now that we have the perfect solution, we’re ready to get DPA involved on other networks.”

8th June 2016

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