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Elation EPT6IP LED Video Displays for International Portuguese Music Awards

Elation EPT6IP LED Video Displays for International Portuguese Music Awards
Elation EPT6IP LED Video Displays for International Portuguese Music Awards

USA – When the Portuguese community met to recognise outstanding achievement in the music industry by international artists of Portuguese ancestry, the occasion called for a design that could complement a variety of musical styles from traditional Portuguese Fado to dance music to rock. East Coast Lighting & Production Services (ECLPS) turned to Elation Professional’s EPT6IP LED video displays as the main visual element of the set design, creating a dynamic false proscenium and dazzling LED panel ‘sunburst’ for the 2016 edition of the International Portuguese Music Awards held 23rd April at the Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The EPT6IP is a robust touring LED panel with 6.7mm pixel pitch, sturdy frame and magnetic modular design for quick assembly and convenient servicing. For the stunning LED display proscenium, the panels were hung from a box truss with a set of video legs upstage of that left and right. "The EPT6IP panels are very rigid structurally, so the legs hung easily and went up fast,” said ECLPS’s Nate Almeida, lighting designer on the event. “They are larger than most LED panels at 25.2” x 25.2” so it took fewer panels to create a bigger look." A row of EPT6IP video panels were also mounted along the façade of the 16’ x 8’ x 2’ drum riser, creating another layer of effect for the shallow stage.

Upstage of the drum riser stood one-half of a 32' and 20’ circular truss that created the showcase of the design. “The arch’s layers created a much-needed depth of field to the stage,” says the designer. “The stage is small, but the show appears so much bigger.” Dubbed the “Sunburst,” on the 32’ half circle Nate inverted LED panels attached to the top cord utilising Elation's rigging bar accessory.

ECLPS did a lot of research in order to find a highly functioning video system to invest in, Nate says, and have now had the EPT6IP panels in their inventory since February. “They have held up great,” he said, “and our clients are very happy with them.”

The International Portuguese Music Awards show featured a number of performances by prominent artists and was televised on various media outlets, including worldwide via RTP International. ECLPS provided the overall production design, lighting and video for the show, their fourth year covering the event.

In keeping with Elation’s reputation for making sure the event comes off as planned, Elation LED video screens and broadcast product specialist Red Walter was available for any technical needs, a level of service that Nate greatly appreciates. “Red is our go-to source for all things Elation video,” he says. “His expertise of the product is amazing. Anytime of day, Red is willing and able to help our team out with anything they need.”

8th June 2016

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