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Elation Launches New High-resolution EVHD LED Video Displays

Elation Launches New High-resolution EVHD LED Video Displays
Elation Launches New High-resolution EVHD LED Video Displays

Elation Professional has announced the launch of the EVHD Series of LED video displays, a new family of professional, high-definition LED panels designed with creativity and ease-of-use in mind for more artistic video layouts.

Available in three different pixel pitches (2.8, 3.9 and 5.9mm), the black-face EVHD video panels feature a lightweight, fanless and bezel-free design with durable die-cast aluminium frame for years of reliable service. A modular front maintenance construction means the EVHD panels can be mounted just inches off a wall for use in tight spaces and accessibility from both back and front makes for easier installation and more convenient service.

The EVHD panels are the ideal choice when the visual design calls for out-of-the-box thinking. Lockable curve adjustments make smooth, more creative convex or concave designs possible for a greater variety of design possibilities. Designers can create seamless curved video displays, even full circle designs, while maintaining pixel pitch and without visible gaps. The EVHD Series panels use long-life SMD 2121 RGB LEDs (SMD 1515 for the EVHD 2.8 version) in a 500mm x 500mm format with wide 140° horizontal and 120° vertical viewing angle for a more inclusive viewing experience.

Pixel by pixel calibration ensures optimal colour rendering and maximum evenness across the displays for the clearest colour and picture representation possible. Colours display vividly and consistently and a high level of brightness makes them suitable for use in high ambient lighting conditions. 14-bit greyscale processing gives a high quality picture with greater detail at lower brightness levels and a broadcast-quality refresh rate means the screens won´t show flickering when used in broadcast applications. Average energy draw is low and a universal auto-sensing voltage power supply is included so the EVHD panels can operate wherever they are used in the world.

8th June 2016

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