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Movecat chain-hoist remote control on world tour with Adele

For Adele's world tour, Movecat has developed a chain hoist remote control, suitable for use throughout the world, that is now also available to other users. The MRC R-Series includes models operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band for the remote control of four, eight or 12 Movecat D8/D8 Plus chain hoists. These Motion Remote Controllers feature the Tru-Diversity transceiver system. To provide for interference-free operation, this allows the user to choose any of ten channels or else opt for automatic channel selection. The MRC R-Series is R&TTE, ETSI EN 300 220/328, DIN EN 60204-32 and EN 13849-1 compliant.

The controllers are equipped with three-position run-direction selector switches located directly on the front panel and an illuminated GO button. For the illumination of the EMERGENCY STOP button, the Movecat developers have opted for a function-based solution. The GO, EMERGENCY STOP and channel-selector buttons are accompanied by LED status indicators, which in the case of the EMERGENCY STOP button also provide information about errors and the battery charge level. For carrying comfort, each transmitter module comes with a belly strap.

1st June 2016

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