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Panasonic launches trio of maintenance free laser projectors

USA – Panasonic has showcased three low-maintenance, ultra-compact 1-Chip DLPM laser phosphor projectors at InfoComm 2016.

Aimed at exhibition, staging, signage, control room, education and meeting room applications, the projectors are the PT-RZ970 series (three models up to 10,400 lm(Centre)), the PT-RZ770 series (two models up to 7,200 lm(Centre)) and the PT-RZ660 series (two models up to 6,200 lm(Centre)).

The projectors have airtight and dust-resistant optical drives which eliminate the need for filters and lamp replacement, extending maintenance-free service life to up to 20,000 hours.

Hartmut Kulessa, European projector marketing manager at Panasonic, said: “Precision white balance, natural colour reproduction and outstanding brightness are enabled by hybrid wheel technology, featuring a robust phosphor wheel and a quartet colour harmoniser colour wheel. This maximises colour reproduction whilst reducing energy loss from the light source.”

“Energy efficient 10,000:1 contrast is achieved with digitally modulated dynamic contrast that controls light output frame-by-frame according to image requirements. Multi-projector sync now interlocks network-connected projector’s dynamic contrast and shutter functions, a new feature for Panasonic.”

Detail, contrast and colour performance are optimised for bright rooms and mapping applications with Detail Clarity Processor 3 and System Daylight View 3 technology. BT.709-compliant mode is also included for HDTV projection.

16th June 2016

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