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Video Design put one in the net for Kasabian at Leicester City

Video Design put one in the net for Kasabian at Leicester City

UK – “The plan was always for two shows, but the whole thing was put together in just four weeks, Keith Woods at Live Nation had his work cut out getting licences sorted.” Alex Leinster of Video Design making no bones about just how tight the two celebratory concerts by Kasabian staged at Leicester City FC’s home stadium proved to be. “That last minute aspect is one reason why I was there and ran it myself. Kasabian and their management organisation are a really nice bunch of people to work with and these shows deserved some special attention.”

The two shows took place on 28th and 29th May, playing to 30,000 people each night. At that time of year, the concert was largely in daylight, but that didn’t stop the band investing in a full production presentation. “We put in a four camera pack and two 8mm daylight LED screens for the band’s long time video director Paul Eggerton,” explains Leinster. “Almost five metres wide by 7.8m tall on the wings, they flanked the stage tucked neatly between elements of Nick Grey’s fantastic lighting rig. Serge Pizzorno really likes IMAG screens in portrait orientation.”

Did that short lead time exert a special pressure on the work of Eggerton? “To a degree,” said Eggerton afterwards, “but then I’ve been with the band since their first ever arena tour, so I do know all the songs well. More recently they’ve been using interactive video content on tour, presented on an onstage centre LED screen. It just wasn’t possible in the time to put something like that together, so that did mean there was more focus on sustained IMAG to either side. For me that’s all about finding the right image for the moment. As I said, that’s what I’ve done for them for a long time.”

“That’s not as easy as Paul makes it sound,” said Leinster, “Nick’s lighting rig was very potent, we had to rack the screens up to a brightness level we’ve never used before and Paul worked tirelessly to fill those screens.”

Eggerton saw that only in terms of advantage. “From my point of view it’s the same, but for the audience, especially those that know the band, that did make a difference. The huge lighting rig that Nick designed looked spectacular so it was more of a challenge for me to show off the enormity of the rig. That said, in the stadium what the audience see is two visions, that big view of the stage itself, and the shot I put on screens; that lack of the big backlit view actually presents the crowd with an alternative and possibly more intimate experience. Alex and the guys from Video Design did a great job, and it was great to have Alex there in person. The band and management were really happy. He’s a good man Alex, you know he’s going to be there 24/7. They all say that, but you know he means it.”

photos: Lez Dwight

22nd June 2016

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