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Audiologic Weekender Becomes Holiday Expedition

Audiologic Weekender Becomes Holiday Expedition
Audiologic Weekender Becomes Holiday Expedition

UK – Park Holidays is the largest provider of Caravan Holiday Parks in the south of England and has been in operation for more than 30 years following the opening of its first resort near Rye in East Sussex. Comprising 25 parks from Devon in the west to Suffolk in the east, Park Holidays hosts thousands of holidaymakers in excellent facilities at extremely competitive prices. From cabaret acts and karaoke to sports bars and bingo, the Park Holidays entertainment offer is diverse and extremely popular with guests. When Audiologic's Dave Smith was asked to consult with Park Holidays' installers about audio provision for its Bexhill headquarters, his recommendations and Audiologic's careful attention to detail made a strong impression – something that was to have a further-reaching impact in the subsequent months.

Initially, Park Holidays wanted to improve communications at its recently acquired Bexhill-on-Sea headquarters. Audiologic recommended Audica systems for the company's boardroom and smaller meeting rooms and consulted closely with the installation team to ensure that the solution would be of maximum benefit to the end users. During the course of the project, Park Holidays representatives engaged with Audiologic in a number of informal conversations which addressed the wider needs of the company's sites. Pleased and satisfied with every aspect of the installation at its headquarters, Park Holidays subsequently requested that Audiologic conduct a formal audit of its extensive entertainment facilities and make appropriate recommendations for necessary improvements.

Accordingly, Dave Smith took to the road. His journey took in all of the Park Holidays sites that featured entertainment facilities and he prepared a thorough report on all aspects of audio provision including wired and wireless systems, appropriate to the nature and variety of settings. Following further consultation with their installers, Park Holidays responded by placing orders in line with Audiologic's recommendations and their installers began work to upgrade each site. Park Holidays are delighted with the outcomes and feel confident that their entertainment provision is now supported by first class audio technology befitting their highly respected status in the leisure sector.

Retail support manager at Park Holidays, Jay Muzzell, co-ordinated the project and liaised with the installation team and Audiologic. He offered these observations: "I first came across Audiologic some years ago through the purchase of some Audio-Technica microphones and it became clear to me during the installation of some Audica equipment at our head office that Audiologic had more to offer in terms of Park Holidays' wider operations. Their advice and help in steering us towards solutions that perfectly fitted our requirements was excellent – our new systems are trouble free and performing well. We've formed a strong, friendly working relationship that has been of great benefit and I look forward to working closely with Audiologic on future projects."

Dave Smith, business development manager at Audiologic reflected on the turn of events that led to a highly satisfying conclusion: "Our ethos at Audiologic is to make sure that our customers and their end users receive the best possible service in order to achieve the solution that is most appropriate for their needs. The recommendation of the Audica system that went into Park Holidays head office is a clear case in point of how just how effective this approach can be. We took time to determine exactly what would be the best fit at the best price by consulting with all stakeholders and the solution was a big hit. In turn, that clearly translated into good business when we were invited to advise on and then supply products for a much wider scheme. Our experiences in helping Park Holidays achieve their aims neatly illustrate the practical success of Audiologic's approach to business."

The Park Holidays project involved combinations of a wide range of Audiologic's brands. Speakers, amplifiers, microphones (wired and wireless), mixers, racks, cabling and connectors were hand picked from Audica, Audac, Audio-Technica, Ecler, Shure, Caymon, Quartex, Procab and Neutrik. Park Holidays are very happy with their new systems, a fact evidenced by their stated intention in the near future, to expand them further still. Audiologic is standing by!

1st July 2016

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