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Glux LED Provides Fresh Visual Solution for DJs venue

Glux LED Provides Fresh Visual Solution for DJs venue
Glux LED Provides Fresh Visual Solution for DJs venue

UK – DJs is a newly opened 350 capacity pub/club venue in Ilfracombe Devon, which has just received a major technical upgrade designed and installed by S+H Technical Services, which is based nearby.

S+H is well known as a production industry specialist and supplier of drapes, starcloths and special effects and video products to live events, television and film productions and all types of installations. MD Terry Murtha was approached by DJ’s new management to help create a visual scheme to make the space a unique and vibrant nightspot in the area. The premises had been empty for a year and before then had been a sports bar.

“It’s a great brief to have almost a blank canvas and be asked to produce something original and imaginative,” comments S+H’s Terry Murtha, who decided on a fresh visual approach based around using LED screen and video content as the main light source.

“I thought video was a great medium to produce a versatile environment,” he explained. “It is excellent for creating mood, and used correctly, the dramatic contrasts between bight and dark really enhance atmosphere, especially in an intimate space like DJs”

Terry conducted several detailed site surveys before committing to a visual installation with Glux LED screen at the centre.

His starting point was then the layout of the premises, which features a main bar and a DJ/dance floor area. “LED screen immediately came to mind as a great solution to get energy, action and ‘a vibe’ into the different spaces,” comments Terry, who has had plenty of experience with installations and nightspots during his career.

He decided on S+H’s Glux 3.9mm LED screen behind the bar installed in an eight metre long by 1.5 metre high strip which throws light into the working area and around the room.

Behind the DJ and covering the dance floor area, is a six metre wide by three metre high surface of Glux 12mm which has immediate impact and can either close the space down or open it up depending on the content being played and the rhythm and pace of the evening.

A laptop running ArKaos GrandVJ is used for control, which can be run as a stand-alone ‘house’ video system, or guest DJs can hook in and run their own visuals for their performance.

“Most will have a bespoke show now, so building this flexibility into the set-up was important,” explained Terry.

Some ambient wall up- and downlighting was also added by S+H to support the video screens as light sources, and a distributed Wharfdale sound system was configured around the venue with a separate substantial PA in the main room. All these production elements have helped make DJs trend as a local destination.

Adding good production values and booking a good line-up of DJs has so far been a winner with the public who are flocking to the venue at the weekends. “Creating a good atmosphere is key to making a social and entertainment venue like this a success,” says Terry, who is delighted with the results.

S+H is also using the venue as a training and demo space to show clients how effectively the screen works in situ, as well as to test out new content and other related creative functionality.

Terry and the S+H team have enjoyed major success with the Glux LED product in all types of scenarios. The company has over 1,000 panels of 12mm and 3.9mm panels in rental stock and also 10 and 20mm pitch floor tiles.

“The kit is robust, lightweight, easy to rig and use and it looks great anywhere,” concludes Terry.

photos: Tony Edmonds

Glux LED Provides Fresh Visual Solution for DJs venueGlux LED Provides Fresh Visual Solution for DJs venue

6th July 2016

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