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Point Source Audio Mics Violins and Violas for US’s Largest Stand-Alone POPS Orchestra

Point Source Audio Mics Violins and Violas for US’s Largest Stand-Alone POPS Orchestra

USA – Point Source Audio (PSA) has revealled that its SERIES8 microphones have been selected for the Philly POPS, the largest stand-alone POPS orchestra in the United States – entertaining more than 100,000 audience members yearly. Houser Audio, the official audio provider for the Philly POPS picked the CO-8WL omnidirectional lavalier microphone to amplify the string ensemble of the Philly POPS’ 65-piece orchestra.

Andre Houser is founder and chief engineer of Houser Audio in Aston, PA, and the trusted audio provider for the Philly POPS since 2008. In micing the orchestra’s string ensemble, Houser spoke excitedly about adding Point Source Audio citing: “The Point Source mics sounded amazing – very natural – I was blown away.” The SERIES8 lavalier microphones were put to task at the Philly POPS recent and highly anticipated world premiere of Cirque Goes to the Movies featuring Cirque’s breathtaking acrobatics punctuated with music from blockbuster movie classics, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Titanic, Mission Impossible, James Bond and more.

Houser evaluated the Point Source Audio microphones in side by side recordings with other mics and remarked that he “couldn’t believe his ears.” The natural tone of the mics won him over and he now incorporates the Point Source Audio mics for all the orchestra’s performances. Houser skilfully wires the instruments by adding PSA’s X-CON-EXT, a two-foot extender cable to the microphones then mounts the XLR connectors to the mic stands.

Point Source Audio president James Lamb commented that: “It’s inspiring to hear our customers both validate our microphones’ sonic quality, and discover the exceptional ways they are using them.” Lamb further shared the company’s design strategy behind the replaceable X-Connector on the SERIES8 microphones: “The X-Connector concept gives our customers versatility to lengthen the mic cables or to change terminations instantly – without soldering or a lot of technical know-how.”

The company’s SERIES8 collection of miniature microphones is currently offered in headset, earset and lavalier styles in both omnidirectional and cardioid polar patterns. The company’s latest innovation, EMBRACE microphones, is a patent pending ear-mounted lavalier solution that is turning outdated theatre micing methods on its head.

In picture: Point Source Audio joins the circus for Philly POPS world premiere of Cirque Goes to the Movies.

photo: Bachrach Photography

11th July 2016

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