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10EaZy Upgrades Sound Level Measurement System Software to V2.6

10EaZy Upgrades Sound Level Measurement System Software to V2.6

SGAudio Aps’ has announced the launch of V2.6 software for its 10EaZy sound level measurement system, available via the 10EaZy website as well as its automatic update system.

For users of the full 10EaZy system (excludes RT and SW versions), the new software introduces a number of key new features. These include a measurement résumé in an e-mail body which makes it easy to review measurements at a glance, enabling the user to see if further investigation is needed. A sentence will state if a limit violation was recorded in the set measurement or not. Creating a mail rule that checks this sentence will make it easy to choose different actions for log files with and without limit violations. An ‘at-a-glance’ measurements summary will be attached to e-mail in the form of a PNG. This image file will have all the key metrics listed with their maximum values, as well as a clear text in either green or red stating if there was a limit violation.

V2.6 software also provides support for user’s own mail servers. For systems that are not connected to the internet at runtime, it is now possible to use your own local mail server. This is mainly relevant for cruise ships and facilities with high security demands on data flow.

The new software also provides access to XML measurement results. This allows for customised views and third party development as it is now possible to read the XML stream from 10EaZy directly from a browser on the network. The XML stream contains virtually all internal measurements from 10EaZy and enables a multitude of customised views or indicators to be developed and integrated into existing structures.

In addition to the new features there have been updates to the engine room and last, but not least, 10EaZy now also remembers the display status of the RTA display, the secondary Leq screen and the LCeq display.

Commenting on the update, Andy Huffer of 10EaZy UK main dealer HD Pro Audio, said: “SGAudio Aps’ is extremely responsive to user feedback and, with time, it incorporates such feedback into upgrades like the useful features we see in V2.6. Through listening to users, 10EaZy has developed into the great product it is today, based genuinely on what sound engineers need.”

16th August 2016

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