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A Major Recommendation for LivePipe

A Major Recommendation for LivePipe

Hoffend LivePipe hoists – Engineering Product of the Year at the 2016 ABTT Trade Show – are now shipping for installation from Hall Stage dealers.

The innovative approach taken to design and operation has led to a faultless installation in Tennessee, completed by BellaTEX Inc. & Ty Prewitt sent this independent report: “I have nothing but good things to say about the LivePipe product. It offers significant and unique advantages and showed us it will work in very difficult situations.

“LivePipe was not only the best solution in this case, but its cost was on par or lower than other options.

“I believe its appeal will be broad. It can be exceptionally quick to install. Since it doesn’t include hoisting a 150kg motor, “quick” actually has some validity.

“The assembly and installation process is significantly simpler than any other products I’ve encountered. The heaviest section was easily carried and into the building by two people.

“The double helix cable management is functional and even attractive, if one can say that about cable!

“This is a very exciting new product with some remarkable innovations. I encourage everyone to look closely at it for any new or existing projects you’re working on.”

A Major Recommendation for LivePipeA Major Recommendation for LivePipe

18th August 2016

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