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A Megavision for Robe

A Megavision for Robe

Australia – Megavision is one of the Australia's leading rental, technical production and installation companies.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, it’s focused on offering clients in the event, hospitality, club, pub, production rental and staging sectors superlative service and premium equipment together with imaginative technical solutions. Founded in 2001 by Jeff Georgiou Megavision’s first investment in Robe moving lights was four years ago.

Jeff’s commitment, foresight and passion for the industry started when he was a music loving teenager, when he worked at buzzing local club and live music nightspot Alligators, starting as a glass collector and rising through the ranks to manage the venue, at which point he also started running the lighting console. This led to the launch of his first business venture when aged 21, Multivision Party Hire, providing ‘video jukebox’ facilities – screens and control – to parties and events. This unique system was available only from Jeff, and was inspired by watching people, lighting and music video interaction in clubs.

Simultaneously he’d also worked in his father’s construction enterprise. Apart from being hard-working, resourceful and a quick learner, the aggregate early work experience in both hospitality and building trades has proved itself infinitely useful in running Megavision. From designing and installing sets, staging, AV and control systems into a wide range of venues and spaces to supplying lighting, audio and video for festivals, concerts and events.

Right from the outset Jeff has looked at the ‘bigger picture’ of his business model and how to make it successful and different, seeing the advantages of attributes like quality and service and keeping a keen ear-to-the-ground for what’s trending and in demand.

When it comes to moving lights, Jeff has purchased and experienced all the major brands over the years, so the first Robe experience grew out of his on-going relationship with the ULA Group, Robe’s Australian distributor.

LEDWash 800s suited Megavision’s needs perfectly at the time in 2012. Utilising the 15W LED chip, the LEDWash 800s offered excellent output, great colours and zoom and very efficient general coverage, making them ideal for multiple applications.

He was extremely pleased with the fixtures and they were also a big hit with his crew; Megavision works with a carefully selected pool of regular and trusted freelancers and currently a full time staff of ten.

The next Robe products added to the inventory were MMX Spots, for which Jeff attended a shoot-out in Melbourne before making the decision.

“It was size and weight for me on the MMXs,” he explained. The unit was about 30% smaller than the rival product in the shoot-out and considerably lighter, facts which sealed the deal, adding eight to the hire stock.

He also purchased LEDBeam 100s around this time, and when the Pointe was launched in 2013, he seized the opportunity of getting them into rental stock immediately. Cross hire on Pointes was, and continues to be, healthy; LDs love the versatility while crew appreciate the handleability.

The latest purchase is four BMFL Spots, the first in the region, and in response to demand on riders and technical specifications as well as for sub-hires.

Jeff attended a BMFL demo hosted by ULA at the Perth Arena and saw first-hand how the beam can go from a tiny pin-spot to filling the entire wall, an amazing feat for one light. He comments on its compact size and weight for the comprehensive feature set.

He has also visited the Robe factory which had a big impact: “The attention to detail in the production process is incredible and it’s reassuring that the products are genuinely ‘made in the Czech Republic’. The staff are dedicated and enthusiastic – very much like us here - and it’s clearly important to Robe as an employer that they all share the same vision.”

Talking more generally about Robe’s brand perception, he thinks it is: “Right up there in terms of respect and seen as extremely high calibre. The reliability and the longevity of the products I think puts Robe in the top three lighting manufacturers worldwide right now.”

Megavision aligns itself with a raft of other premium brands as well, including, RCF, QSC Audio, FBT and Labgruppen. On the video side they have Big Screen video LED, Panasonic and NEC and a large stock of projections screens.

Recent high profile events include technical production for the Perth Wildcats, the Margaret River site on the Australian leg of the 2016 World Surf League Championships Tour and the Mandurah Crab Fest which they have been providing all things technical for the last nine years.

Jeff, always positive, still enjoys the real buzz of solving production and technical challenges with creative and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. He also loves seeing the expression on people’s faces when they are genuinely wowed by an effect or some technical trickery that has been engineered by his team and shared with an audience.

5th August 2016

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