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Cadac expands mix system for IBC16 “Big Screen Experience”

Cadac expands mix system for IBC16 “Big Screen Experience”
Cadac expands mix system for IBC16 “Big Screen Experience”

The Netherlands Cadac, is once more an official IBC sponsor, providing all of the audio networking and control for the IBC “Big Screen Experience” at the convention. This year’s proprietary MegaCOMMS audio network comprises the company’s flagship CDC eight-32 console, two of the latest CDC six medium size consoles, a compact CDC four:m console, a CDC MC Router and six CDC I/O stageboxes.

The “Big Screen Experience” Auditorium is being rigged with the CDC eight-32, a CDC six along with the CDC MC Router and two CDC I/O 3216 and two CDC I/O 6448 stageboxes; the CDC eight-32 handling the audio for presentations, film extracts and product reels, and the CDC six handling the on-stage microphones. The “Big Screen Experience” features a series of free to attend, editorially led sessions and complimentary movie screenings; this year’s programme main features being The Jungle Book and a further, yet to be announced, block buster.

Additionally a CDC six console with a CDC I/O 3216 stagebox will handle microphones and playback in the Emerald Room, a principal conference room, while the CDC four:m and remaining CDC I/O 3216 will provide audio production capabilities for IBC TV, the conference’s 24 hour online news channel.

The system has been specified by Terry Nelson from IBC Technical Resources – specialist in audio and acoustics – working with Sean O’Dea, who is in overall charge of technical support for audio, with help from Cadac’s technical sales support team.

Commenting, Terry Nelson states: “This is the third year we have relied on Cadac for the audio mixing and distribution requirements for what is becoming an all-encompassing media conference. We needed a solution that could both match the ever increasing requirements of putting on and supporting such a dynamic show, whilst matching the audio performance that the attendees are expecting from the presentations. This is why we went to Cadac. The sonic performance is superb and the audio engineering is second to none, with its legendary mic pre-amplification and industry leading latency management. With the ‘human interface’ being so intuitive, I would regard the CDC eight and CDC six as being genuinely fourth generation digital consoles.

“On the practical side, the use of the Router, along with RG6 runs of 150m provided by MegaCOMMS, allows the system expandability and flexibility for us to put stage boxes exactly where we need them.”

Audio transport for the CDC consoles and network is achieved via Cadac’s proprietary 96 kHz / 24-bit MegaCOMMS protocol, which uses inexpensive and robust RG6 coax cables for distances of up to 150 metres. With the addition of a MegaCOMMS router,the network can be expanded to 3072 channels. The CDC MC Optical Bridge further extends maximum distance between network devices to 2km (6,561 feet). Superb audio quality is assured due to Cadac’s legendary mic preamplifier design, combined with a time-aligned, phase-coherent mix bus architecture, resulting in industry leading, total through-system propagation delay, including all console processing and A-D / D-A conversions, of an astonishing 37 samples (at 96kHz), or just under 0.4 milliseconds – the audio industry’s lowest latency protocol.

CDC eight and CDC six consoles boast Cadac’s innovative “high agility” intuitive human interface. The consoles’ “touch and swipe” gesture operating system is accessed via large touch-screens and surrounding encoders, replacing traditional fixed physical controls. The CDC eight and six are far less menu dependent than traditional digital consoles, providing a minimal learning curve for operators.

In picture: Terry Nelson, from IBC Technical Resources prepping MegaCOMMS network 

26th August 2016

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